One district, one factory will end rural-urban migration

The Ministry of Trade and Industry has said one of the key objectives of government’s One district One Factory policy is to address rural-urban migration.

The outline of the project is to have factories set up in all the two hundred and sixteen districts across the country.

Speaking on the Citi breakfast Show, a Deputy Trade and Industry Minister, Robert Ahomka-Lindsay, noted that it will be unrealistic for the government to give the public a specific date where all the two hundred and sixteen districts across the country will be implemented.

“In my private sector days, when I introduce a new product, that product doesn’t just hit the market tomorrow, we have to plan, these are all part of what you do. In two years time, the companies would have had a go, whether they are still going to be alive, it’s a different question” he said..

He explained that about forty-eight percent of the factories will be agro-processing companies.

He said these companies are committed to employing many Ghanaians, and the Ministry is going to monitor these factories in every district.

“So we have monitoring teams at the district, where we are going to be able to monitor to see how they are going, and come and do another analysis because i’s a dynamic situation,” he said.

The Ministry believes an effective implementation of the policy will open up opportunities within the nations rural and peri-urban areas.


The ‘One District One Factory’ programme is a public-private partnership for ensuring a nationwide spread of industries in all 216 districts in Ghana.

The private sector will provide the investment, although the government could partner if such an investment of public funds is adjudged prudent and advantageous.

Ghana Commercial Bank, Access Bank, Universal Merchant Bank and the Ghana Import and Export Bank, have so far signed up to the compact, although other banks have the opportunity to join.

At least one hundred businesses have submitted projects for the government’s one district one factory project

By: Farida Yusif/




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