How to get back in the dating game after a break

Been out of the dating scene for a while? Starting all over again can be tough. In this article, Beauty and Tips takes a look at how to get back into the dating game after taking a break. Dating is both fun absolutely exhausting. Of course, you know this because it’s already driven you to a break. The same old dating sites are full of the same old faces, including Robert who you’ve already swiped left to a milliondifferent times. Then there are the dates themselves. There are the near-misses that could have ended in total disaster if you’d have reciprocated his kiss, and the “why on earth did I meet this guy?!” dates. There are the total losers, the clingy guys who never give up and who make you worry THIS is your destiny. And then there are the guys you really liked but, for whatever sad reason, the feeling wasn’t mutual. If you’re really unlucky, there are the liars who were already married but wanted some fun. Eventually, you start to question your judgement and decide that it’s time for a break. Sure, it’s exhausting and we can’t blame you for taking that time-out. But if you’re now ready to return and want to make a success of things this time around, here is how to get back into the dating game after taking a break.

Try New Sites

One of the problems with dating sites is that they can get filled with a handful of people who never seem to leave. Each day, it’s the same guys that are online. Maybe you’ve already messaged or dated half of them, and decide to take a break from them all. Upon your return, they’re STILL THERE. This can be reallyannoying, especially when it’s clear these guys are serial daters or just not your type. As such, what better way to make a fresh start than by joining new sites?

Try A Paid Site

Some people are ashamed to even tell people they’re using free online dating sites, let alone paid ones. The thought of having to pay money to find love just doesn’t sit right with them. However, this might be a stigma you need to shake off if you’re to get back into the dating game the right way. Free sites are useful. But if one of the reasons you took a break in the first place was because you didn’t meet serious guys who wanted more than a hook-up or a pen-pal, you might want to sign up to a paid site. At least with a paid site, you know the guys have serious intentions and want to meet someone they’ll click with. There is less risk you’ll be messed around this time. Moreover, if you’ve never used a paid site before, you’ll come across guys you’ve definitely not already dated or turned down.

Know What You Want

One of the reasons some of us aren’t successful when it comes to dating is that we don’t know what we want, not just from a man but also from a relationship. As a consequence, we not only date the wrong people for the wrong reasons, but the guys we might have been interested in don’t come near us. Unless you know what you want, it’s always going to be hard to make a success of the dating game. You’ll constantly lurch from bad date to bad date. It’s a waste of time. Before you get back onto the dating scene this time around, write down a list of the things you want, both from a man and from a relationship. Otherwise, you may end up in a relationship with a commitment-phobe when really you wanted something serious.

Take Your Time

What’s the rush? If things didn’t work out last time because you rushed into things, it’s a good idea to have some patience time around. Don’t be pressured into going on a date until the timing feels right. Don’t hurry things along out of fear that you’ll be left the shelf. This time around, carefully weigh up your options and take your time.

Ask A Friend To Set You Up

A friend of yours will know someone who’s single and who could be a good match for you. Ask around. Ask your friends to set you up with someone. Being set up by a friend who knows you improves the chances of your date being a success. Rather than taking a gamble on someone you met online, you’re meeting someone your friend – whose judgement you trust – recommends.

Practice Flirting

The key to successful dating is being a good flirt. If you can flirt like a pro, there is every chance that you’ll get what you want. However, if you’ve been out of the dating scene for a while, your flirting skills might be a bit rusty. If so, practice flirting at every opportunity. Where? Everywhere! Practice on friends on social media. Practice on friends in real life. Practice on work colleagues who you’ve always had good banter with. Practice with the hot assistant at the store. Sharpen your skills as much as possible and ease your way back into the game. It will help to build your confidence up.

Go Out With Friends

Now that you’re ready to get back into the dating game, it’s time to go to all the right places with your friends again. Gather together your single ladies (and even ones who aren’t single but are ready to be your wingmen) and hit the right bars and clubs. Wear your sexiest clothes, make yourself look irresistible and see what’s in store. Even if you don’t meet your soulmate (and it’s unlikely that you will meet him in a club), going out and attracting the attention of guys is a great way to feel your way back into the dating game. Maybe you’ll get a few numbers, too. It will definitely help to restore your confidence.

Do you have other tips on how to get back in the dating game?

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