20 surprising facts about love and attraction

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Love is one of the most powerful emotions, yet it’s also one of the most mysterious. What is it exactly and why do we feel it? People say that it’s the most natural feeling in the world. Parents feel it instantly for their children, and they say there is nothing like a mother’s love. But love can also be brutal and tempestuous, causing people to commit crimes of passion they would only commit out of tormented feelings of unrequited love and anguish. Poets have written about it, musicians have sung about it, actors have acted it, and we’ve all felt it at some point. When love stirs our soul, it’s the most wonderful feeling ever. If you’re as fascinated as we are, join us as we take a look at 20 surprising facts about love and attraction.

There Probably Is Such A Thing As Love At First Sight

Can you really fall in love with someone you’ve only just met? Love at first sight sounds incredibly romantic, but it also doesn’t sound plausible for the most part. How can you fall in love with someone you didn’t even know existed just a few minutes earlier? However, there probably is such a thing as love at first sight. Psychologists reckon it doesn’t take us long at all to make up our mind about whether we could love someone or not. In fact, we can make up our mind as quickly as just five seconds. It’s all to do with body language. Non-verbal communication accounts for around 90% of all communication, and though we might not realise it, we form our early impressions on someone based on their body language alone. No doubt you’ve experienced this for yourself. You’ve seen a hot person walk into the room and felt your heart melt. Although you don’t even know their name, you’ve already decided that you could actually love this person.

Men Get Real Upset When Relationships Come To An End

Okay, obviously we all get a bit upset when relationships end. But men get really upset like you wouldn’t believe. In fact, according to studies, men get more emotional than women! We’re talking about man tears here. Know what those are? They’re not pretty, and usually only make an appearance when their team has lost the playoff (whatever that is). See, guys might like to act big, tough and invulnerable around their buddies. But we know that they’re just as vulnerable as we, ladies, are. And when we take our love away, they literally can’t cope.

Love Is Sometimes Blind

This is another one of interesting facts about love and attraction. Ever heard the phrase that “love is blind”? Maybe you’ve used it yourself, or perhaps someone has said it about you. We say that love is blind whenever someone is in love with another person who seems totally incompatible, or whose flaws they either cannot see or are willing to ignore. The thing is that love has to be blind if relationships are to flourish and last the distance. According to scientist, this so-called “blindness” is absolutely necessary. Everyone has flaws. However, when we’re in love with someone, we’re willing to overlook those flaws for the good of the relationship. Indeed, most of the time we just can’t see them. The other person is absolutely perfect in our eyes! If we weren’t blind to our partners flaws, no relationship would get far enough for us to get married and have kids. Instead, we’d be breaking up as soon as they snored in bed!

Animals Are Monogamous

Some of us like to think we’re on a different level to the animal kingdom. We like to think we’re intellectually superior (despite our cat outsmarting us time and time again), and we definitely like to think we know how to romance the opposite gender better. But did you know that, when it comes to love, animals have much more in common than we might think? Although the term “animal passion” describes two people full of lust who literally can’t keep their hands off one another, the truth is that animals tend to be very faithful. Whereas insects rip each other’s heads off after making love, animals tend to stick to just one lover. Wolves, black vultures, gibbons, lions and swans are just a handful of animals who practice monogamy. Once they’ve found their one, they have eyes for no one else. Aww. WE’RE TEARING UP.

Watch Out For Those Dangerous Situations

Ever watched an action movie or a thriller where a male and female character who have never met before are suddenly thrust together into a dangerous situation? Think the likes of Speed, where Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock have to stop a bomb from exploding on a speeding bus that isn’t allowed to slow down. What always happens is that the two strangers fall in love by the time the film is over. Is it because the woman has found a brave hero? Nope. It’s actually because dangerous situations triggers the production of more dopamine in our brain, distorts our feelings – and can cause us to fall in love with the person we’re experiencing the danger with. Wanna fall in love? Go somewhere dangerous! (please don’t)

Falling In Love Is A Bit Like Cocaine

Next one of interesting facts about love and attraction is that falling in love is a similar sensation to that of a drug. It would be very unromantic if you ever described falling in love as “being a lot like taking cocaine,” but the neurological effects are staggeringly similar. Both taking a line of cocaine off a table and falling in love produces the same sensation of euphoria, as they both stimulate the same twelve areas of the brain. Huh, so this means that people are right when they describe love as “drug.”

Speaking Of Drugs

Painkillers. Ever taken them? Of course you have. Who hasn’t? Painkillers bring us great relief from toothache, headache, ulcers and so on. They are literally amazing. Painkillers work by causing your body to produce more oxytocin, a hormone that’s also produced when you cuddle or otherwise embrace your partner. In other words, when you cuddle up to your intended, it’s akin to taking a painkiller. In that moment and for a few moments afterwards, all your worries and pain is taken away. This must be why we need a hug from our partner when we’re having a bad day. There is science behind literally everything.

This Is What Butterflies Really Are

Here is another one of fun facts about love and attraction: Remember that funny sensation in your stomach when you’re near someone you love or are attracted to? We call it butterflies. It sounds cute! Actually, what we call butterflies are a positive stress response that’s triggered by adrenaline.

If You’re Hot, Your Partner Probably Will Be, Too

This is also one of interesting facts about love and attraction. Sure, it sometimes happens that a really hot girl ends up dating a guy that’s no where near as attractive as her. Often it’s because the guy is super confident or smart. However, it’s more likely that we’ll end up with someone who is on our level in terms of attractiveness. It all comes down to something called The Matching Hypothesis, which states that we tend to be attracted to people who are on our level. If someone is clearly too hot for us, we won’t waste our time pursuing them. And if someone is clearly below our own level of attractiveness, it’s also highly unlikely that we’ll hit it off. But, hey, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

Here Is The Middle Ages’ Biggest Beauty Secret

Why were women so attractive in the middle ages? It was probably because they’d smeared bat’s blood on their skin. Seriously, it was a key part of their beauty regime.

Speaking Of Beauty Regimes …

Americans spend a lot of money on their education. We all know this. But they spend even more on beauty enhancements. Wow.

Being In Love Is Kinda Like Having OCD

Do you have obsessive compulsive disorder? No? Hmm, you might not realise it, but you might have OCD where your partner is concerned. It’s true – being in love with someone causes a drop in our serotonin levels, which is a classic symptom of obsessive compulsive disorder. So the next time you tell people that you’re literally obsessed with your partner, it’s because it’s true.

Men Stare At Women A LOT

There is no data for how long women stare at men for. But we all know that guys like to stare at women. Sometimes, they’ll make it super obvious. Other times, they’ll try to do it discreetly. And then there are the times when they’re walking down the street, pass an attractive woman and turn around to stare at her as she walks. Do they think no one notices that? They really must be from Mars! Despite all this, you probably don’t think that a guy spends so much time staring at women. However, all those fleeting glances really add up. One of fun facts about love and attraction is that, over the course of one lifetime, a guy spends a whole year staring at women! Incredible.

Men Care About Weight, Women Care About Height

Before a first date, men tend to worry about a woman’s weight, while women tend to worry about a man’s height. Isn’t it one of the funniest facts about love and attraction?

Here Is The Science Behind “Beer Goggles”

Ever found someone attractive when you were drunk who you wouldn’t normally go anywhere near? It’s because you were wearing your beer goggles! But what does this mean?! When you are drunk, your ability to perceive things correctly is distorted. As such, you don’t notice when a persons face is badly asymmetrical.

People With High Self Esteem Have Better Relationships

The saying that we must love ourselves before we can love another? It’s true. If you don’t love yourself and think you’re not worthy, it’s going to be really hard to enjoy a fruitful and successful and long-lasting relationship with someone. Poor self-esteem can drive a wedge between couples, and the facts back it up: Those who have high self-esteem and actually like themselves have better, longer-lasting relationships. The trick is to love yourself first before you pursue a relationship. The more love you have for yourself, the more love you’ll be able to welcome in from others.

Men Are Kinda Attracted To Their Own Moms

This is another one of fun facts about love and attraction. Okay, no, men do not want to date their own moms. But thanks to physical imprinting, men gravitate towards women whose bone structure reminds them of their mothers. Weird but cool. And guys, NEVER reveal this to your partner.

Attractive People Are Real Positive

The studies are in and they show that attractive people are, in general, more positive than unattractive people. It’s probably because they know they look so good. Not jealous at all.

Men Say The Magic Words First

Ever said “I love you” to a man first? It’s probably because you were tired of waiting. It had been a few months and he still hadn’t spoken those magic three words. So you took it upon yourself to say them first. See, according to statistics, men take the lead and usually always say “I love you” first. Which just proves that, underneath that brash, sports-loving, beer-chugging, action movie-watching exterior, is just a lovely, cuddly bear who wants some loving. Aww. And hey, it takes a lot of nerve for a guy to tell a woman that he loves her first. So we commend guys on taking the lead. Because we would never say “I love you” first unless there was gin or tequila involved. And even then we’d have to really love him.

Heartache Is Real

Can you really die of a broken heart? We’re not sure. But one thing we are sure of is that heartache is at least real. Studies have shown that when we’re rejected or dumped, parts of our brain that is normally associated with physical pains starts to show signs of strong activity. In other words, being dumped causes actual real pain. Wow.

Do you know other interesting facts about love and attraction?

Stay happy!

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