NUNSEC to be closed down over inadequate toilet facilities

Ledzokuku Krowor Municipal Assembly

The Ledzokuku Krowor Municipal Assembly sanitation court, is set to shut down the Nungua Senior High School on Friday, November 24 for using poor toilet facilities.

According to the Nungua SHS headmistress, Cecelia Asabea Boateng, several attempts have been made to get the various authorities to address the school’s poor toilet conditions but to no avail.

Speaking to Citi News, Mrs. Asabea Boateng said over 1,500 students are bearing the brunt of this unpleasant condition.

She explained that the toilet that serves students in the area, was pulled down to be replaced with a new one, but that project is yet to materialize.

“There was a contract awarded to us, that is a World Bank project, which started in May, 2017, and it necessitated the pulling down of the old toilet. That is what we used when school is in session during the day.”

“When it [ the toilet] was pulled down, there was no alternative given. We petitioned the assembly but they did not respond to it,” she added.

The school’s girl’s dormitory has some toilet facilities that were opened to the 900 girls in the school population, but “there was so much pressure on it” she said.

The school is close to the beach, and Mrs. Asabea Boateng said in the rainy season, “water doesn’t stay, so we have a problem with the septic tank.”

“The very people who should support me and they were rather bringing me before the court to be judged. So she [the judge] will choose to close down the school,” Mrs. Asabea Boateng lamented.

By: Philip Nii Lartey/

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