Distinct features of MMDAs [Infographic]

Government, last Thursday, November 16, 2017, laid before Parliament a Legislative Instrument (LI) for the creation of some new districts in the country.

The LI seeks to also carve some municipalities from other assemblies, and also elevate some existing districts to municipality status.

The infographics below capture features of a Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies, as specified in Ghana’s Local Government Act.

In terms of population, for instance, a Metropolitan Assembly is expected to have over 250, 000 people living within its jurisdiction.

Municipalities are supposed to have a population size of about 95,000, whilst about 75,000 are expected within a district.

A Metropolitan, which is the biggest among the assemblies, also has 16 departments, Municipal, 13 and districts 11.

Below are the infographics summarizing the features of the MMDAs:



By: Godwin A. Allotey & Melvin Clottey/




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