Ambassador Edward Boateng supports Ghanaians in China

Ghana’s Ambassador to China, Edward Boateng, has paid a visit to the Ghanaian community in Guangzhou.

The visit formed part of the Ambassador’s efforts to support the diaspora community in the country, after assuming office in July 2017.

According to the Ambassador, the visit was an informative platform for taking notes on the needs of the Ghanaian community in the city.

He noted that the record community gathering, would equip him with the information required to impact their lives in a meaningful way.

Members of the community noted that, the Ambassadorial visit was unusual, and expressed their gratitude at the efforts of Edward Boateng to build up the community under his tenure.

Expressing his appreciation to the Ambassador for initiating the visit, a senior member of the Ghanaian community, Mr. Sugri Inusah, remarked that, “… on behalf of the Ghanaian community, I want to thank you and your team for making us very proud. We are very grateful to you Sir; this has not happened for a very long time. For an Ambassador to join a Ghanaian community in Guangzhou in a meeting such as this—we are very happy and grateful to you for raising the shoulders of the community high.”

Edward Boateng commended the community for their challenging work in China, which he noted was a source of support for many families back home in Ghana.

He urged and encouraged them to continue supporting their families back home, and to get education, so that they may contribute positively to Ghana’s development.

He tasked them to use their time in China wisely and to learn the positive aspects of the Chinese culture and work ethic, so that Ghana may mimic some of the elements that have contributed to China’s impressive development story.

Ambassador Boateng praised the community for being law-abiding and encouraged them to return home as often as possible, to support Ghana’s new development agenda and transition.

The Ambassador further expressed optimism about Ghana-China relations, which he said would go a long way to make the stay of Ghanaians in China, a pleasant one.

He encouraged Ghanaians to live harmoniously with their Chinese hosts, respect the laws of the country and support the efforts of the Ghanaian government aimed at strengthening bilateral relations between Ghana and China.

He also pledged that Ghanaians in China will feel the presence and support of their Mission under his tenure.

Ambassador Boateng was accompanied by Dr. Charles Dwamena, Deputy Ambassador and Minister Consular, Sylvester Acherekoh.



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