NSS launches insurance scheme, personnel to pay GHc15 monthly

The National Service Scheme (NSS) has launched an insurance package for all national service personnel.

The launch, which was held at the premises of the scheme’s headquarters, had NSS Board Members and National Service Personnel Association executives and other stakeholders in attendance.

This compulsory insurance package spearheaded by various insurance companies, is expected to pay claims to service personnel who get involved in accidents in their line of duty.

The claims vary from GHc 15,000 in cases of death or incapacitation, and gh3,000 for cases of temporary disability.

As part of the insurance package, National Service personnel are entitled to a GHc 500 loan which is payable within six months.

Service Personnel will also be charged GHc 15 on a monthly basis as insurance deductions for the package.

According to the acting Director for the National Service Scheme, Mustapha Ussif, “the insurance package that we just launched… from today on wards, all national service personnel are supposed to be rolled up into this process. So we are expecting all national service personnel because this is  a very laudable initiative [since] we have received series of requests from national service persons across the country with respect to injuries and sometimes even death.”

He added that “this I think is a big relief to the national service secretariat itself because gone are the days where they would be putting the request to us, now they have the opportunity of even making a bigger claim from an insurance company so I would expect all national service persons to benefit from this package.”

He also called on all national service personnel to support the scheme to ensure its success.

By: Michael Ogbodu/


  1. What happens to the pool of money after the mandatory national service of one year. 2018-2019 NSS personnel will also be serving the nation and have to arranged this same package for potential personnel in pipeline. I entreat all personnel accross Ghana to disocciate themselves frm this loot and share policy. It is one of the diabolic ways of the gov’t to woo and extort monies frm the personnel meagre allowance.
    Gov’t should also note personnels have a gist of student life even after school. Personnel can plan to rake in 3000-15000gh by deceiving the government with injuries inflicted being premediated by their own. #Ghanaiswatching

  2. This is very fraudulent like the mandatory road toll, I urge fellow NSP’s to stand against this.

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