MTN staff not involved in mobile money fraud – Manager

Telecommunications company, MTN, has insisted that its employees are not involved in mobile money fraud.

A recent internal inquiry by the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) had revealed that in some of the cases, some employees of telecommunication companies, were found to be complicit in the act.

Telco staff are reported to without authorization, access the database of mobile money merchants, and change the registration details of customers in order to withdraw money from their accounts.

Reports indicate that, the staff who are in agreement with criminals, sometimes reset the number with the money to a new owner in the database, which gives the new owner access to change the PIN and withdraw monies.

They then acquire new SIM cards and use the pins to withdraw monies from merchants.

The General Manager of Mobile Financial Services at MTN, Eli Hini, on Eyewitness News however insisted no employee of MTN had ever been implicated in these fraudulent activities.

“None of our staff has been arrested and let me put it on record that our staff are not involved in protecting these fraudsters and no one is working behind the scenes to assist these fraudsters.”

He also dismissed suggestions by the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) that his outfit and other telcos are failing to cooperate with the former’s attempt to address the challenge.

The Director in charge of Cyber Crime Unit of the Ghana Police Service, Chief Superintendent, Dr. Herbert Gustav Yankson, had expressed worry that managers of some mobile telecom operators do not give the necessary information to the police concerning suspects in mobile money fraud who work in the telcos.

Mr. Hini however rubbished these suggestions, saying “The partnership between us and the Police is unquestionable. We took the first step to educate and build capacity for the Police Service so they will be able to understand the modus operandi of these fraudsters so that they can also support us in the fight against fraud,  so for them to say that we are not cooperating is not the right picture.”

By: Marian Ansah/

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