Jobless physician assistants to picket at Health Ministry

A group of jobless bonded physician assistants is demanding immediate employment from government.

They have threatened to picket at the Ministry of Health to have their employment issues addressed.

The group, who graduated from the Kintampo College of Health in the Brong Ahafo Region between 2013 and 2015, say the government is yet to recruit them after although they’ve completed all the mandatory academic processes.

The spokesperson of the group, Asante Offei, told Citi News that, the government had refused to employ them despite completing the one-year mandatory internship, and that they are prepared to go all lengths to have their issue addressed.

“We know that the only language the government and the agencies understand is picketing. So we have planned that we will be hitting the premises of the Ministry of Health to picket so that the entire nation will know that there is a backlog of Pas that are uncared for, abandoned and their skills are rusting in the house.”

Picketing at the Health Ministry to demand employment has become a common phenomenon in the country especially in the last three (3) years.


The government has consistently given assurances that it will address their demands, but that has often been after series of protests including picketing at the ministry.

Recently, a group of unemployed nurses spent two days at the Ministry demanding their posting. They had their issue resolved after they spent the night at the Ministry.

Some trained veterinary doctors in the country, last week also threatened to take legal action against the government because they had been left several months without jobs despite completing their academic program.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Finance finally cleared some 245 doctors after six months of being unemployed.

Last week, the commitment of the government to absorbing these doctors, and healthcare in general, was questioned when one of the doctors wrote to Citi FM conveying the frustration of the jobless doctors who appear ready to serve the country.

By: Jonas Nyabor/

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