Authorities at Accra Tech. Varsity respond to lecturers’ strike

Striking lecturers at the Accra Technical University have stated that they intend to return to the classrooms once the issues they raised about the poor teaching and learning conditions in the school are addressed.

The lecturers declared a strike on Tuesday over what they say are deplorable conditions at the school, which they claim negatively affects teaching and learning.

The situation appears to have forced the management of the University into action, with assurances from them that the numerous issues that plague the school will be addressed by the end of the week.

Speaking to Citi News, the Chairman of the  Local branch of the Technical University Teachers Association of Ghana (TUTAG), Jones Ntiamoah, said that once their challenges are addressed, the lecturers would return to the classrooms.

“Yesterday [Wednesday], at 4:00pm, the local executives together with the national executives met management and after a long deliberation, we were able to agree that the issues we have raised, numbering about eight, could be addressed by the end of the week,” he said

“We could then meet on Monday, assess the situation and if it demands that we return to the classroom, we’ll do so. We are very hopeful with the assurances given us by the acting Vice Chancellor that come Monday, something positive will come.”

He insisted that their strike had the backing of the students who they would contract to assess the work that was being done and report back to them.

“The action we’ve taken has the support of almost everybody on campus including students. They are ready to sacrifice lectures for those basic conditions to be met. I’m even meeting the SRC executives this afternoon. We want them to go round and assess the ongoing works and report accordingly,” he said

“The issues concern basic classroom amenities; projectors, lecturers’ pulpits, sanitation issues, washrooms, water flow, sockets for projectors; basic things you’ll find in a typical University class.”

By: Edwin Kwakofi/

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