Gas station explodes at Atomic junction 

A gas station at Atomic Junction in Accra is currently in flames.

Citi News gathered that, the gas station, located close to a Total fuel station at Atomic First, exploded before the fuel station later caught  fire.

Citi News’ Richard Dela Sky who is currently around the scene reported that “it is really terrifying.”


“I can hear piercing sound of gas explosion. I can see a lot of fire tenders here trying to put the fire off. The residual gas in the container is burning. I can still hear sounds of explosion. The whole area has been cordoned off by the police. No vehicle is being allowed to the scene.”


Franklin Badu Jnr, also reporting from the University of Ghana campus said the students are running for their lives.

“There was a huge explosion that shook the Pentagon hall where I was. It appears that the gas flared into the atmosphere and the inferno followed suit. Students numbering thousands are fleeing for their lives,” he added.




It is currently unclear whether lives have been lost, but personnel of the Fire Service are at the scene trying to douse the fire.

Richard Sky said he could count about seven vehicles completely burnt around the fire scene.

He explained that if someone was at the site at the time of the explosion, the person might not have survived it.