Philanthropist to renovate Worawora General Hospital theatre

Patients and staff of the Worawora General Hospital, can now heave a sigh of relief following an intervention by a philanthropist to renovate their dilapidated medical theatre facility.

The hospital is the only major health facility in the northern enclaves of the Volta Region, serving at least the three districts of Biakoye, Jasikan and Krachi East with an average daily attendance of 400 patients.


The deteriorating nature of the medical theatre is affecting the delivery of quality healthcare. Its roofs which are corrugated iron sheets have rusted and leaks anytime it rains.

The windows of the theater are damaged, with many louver blades broken. The hospital has seen no major renovation for decades.


Daniel Kosina, the philanthropist, has pledged to renovate the entire Medical Theatre and equip it with the necessary equipment to improve healthcare delivery in the area.


He said he was particularly moved to extend the gesture as a result of the challenges expectant mothers face in accessing essential medical services in the area. 


“The main reason for this donation is that, as a result of the poor nature of the building and its equipment, when women and children come for operations, doctors are unable to do their work efficiently; the rains and the roofing disturb them” he said

 Mr. Kosina, who is also a three-time parliamentary candidate for the New Patriotic Party in the Biakoye Constituency, presented bundles of iron sheets and boxes of nails to commence the first phase of the work.


He told Citi News he was hopeful works on the structure would be completed by the first quarter of 2018. 

Dr. Isaac Secor, the acting Medical Superintendent at the hospital, expressed gratitude to Mr. Kosino for the gesture, stating that it would go a long way to improve  upon the services rendered by the facility.

By: King Nobert Akpablie/

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