We’ll lift Bimbilla curfew if peace prevails – Dery

The Minister for the Interior, Ambrose Dery, has expressed government’s readiness to lift the curfew imposed on Bimbilla in the Northern Region if peace in the area prevails.

He said his outfit is constantly monitoring the situation in the area to review the curfew situation there.

[contextly_sidebar id=”gQGrhxR2bLguY57m5VbEn6pzvTAjjuhX”]Bimbilla has been under curfew for over 10 years due to recurring chieftaincy conflicts which usually results in the loss of lives and property.

Last month, the District Security Council (DISEC) at Bimbilla together with the residents called for a total review of the curfew claiming that it was long overdue.

But speaking to Citi News, Mr. Dery said although  government is impressed with the stability in the area currently, it still has to monitor the situation and ensure that the people continue to live in peace before lifting the curfew.

“The expectation of government is to make sure that the people of Bimbilla go freely about their duties without any curfew at all, but circumstances compelled us to impose a curfew…. So far we have been assured that there has been a great improvement and I encourage them to keep it up so that we finally come to the conclusion that everything is clear. The president will be very happy that we finally lift the curfew,” he said.

He appealed to residents to play  their respective roles in ensuring that lasting peace is restored to the area.

“I’ll call upon the citizens of Bimbilla to make it possible for us to lift the curfew completely, but that can only be done when we are assured that the security will not be disturbed,” he said.

By: Jonas Nyabor/