We’ve no record of Sebastian Osumanu – Amsterdam University

Sebastian Roy Osumanu never attended the University of Amsterdam. This is a confirmation from the University which says “We can find no record of one Sebastian Roy Osumanu having enrolled at the University of Amsterdam.”

Sebastian Roy Osumanu gained social media fame last week for being the most successful student ever in the record books of the University of Amsterdam for sweeping 5 prestigious awards at the school but that indeed remains a fiction for social media fancy.

The supposed awards received by the Mr. Osumanu have been confirmed to be alien to the school.

The information on Facebook that hailed Osumanu’s supposed historic achievements listed him as being a former Chairman of International Students of the University of Amsterdam and a former Chairman of the African Geographical Society when he was at a tender age of 16.

Checks by from the media office of the University of Amsterdam revealed that Sebastian Osumanu has never enrolled for any program at the European University.

The Press Officer of the school, John Rheeder in a response to an inquiry by on the matter said, “the entire story is a fabrication.”

“We can find no record of one Sebastian Roy Osumanu having enrolled at the University of Amsterdam as either a student or a PhD researcher, let alone of him having obtained a doctorate degree with 5 awards.”

He added that “the university was still in recess on Friday 1 September (the day he [Osumanu] is supposed to have defended his PhD). The first doctoral defence ceremony only took place five days later on Wednesday, 6 September.

Although Mr. Osumanu insists he enrolled at the University, he is yet to present a proof of his claimed enrollment in the school.

By: Jonas Nyabor/

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