AMA joins forces with Jekora to segregate waste

The Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) has partnered private waste management company, Jekora Limited to undertake a waste segregation exercise in Accra.

The exercise which is being piloted in schools within the Osu-Klottey Sub Metro will see the AMA distribute about 201 collection bins to 67 education institutions in the area.

Shedding more light about the initiative on the Citi Breakfast Show on Monday, Managing Director of Jekora, Emmanuel Nartey-Tokoli said they have a roadmap to making the project a success.

“We have developed an implementation model of how to segregate waste at the source of generation. In Accra and Ghana now we have waste management as a big problem but in all those problems when you divide them and bring them to the basics you would find that you can have some self-sustaining solutions to them.”

He said they also have two waste composting plants already in place at James Town and Borteyman all in Accra to ensure that the waste generated from the beneficiary schools are processed professionally.

“AMA’s piloting is recommending that at least each school gets the full complement of waste drains that will be segregated. These are organics, plastics and paper.”

Mr. Nartey-Tokoli explained that the AMA and Jekora decided to only accept the three types of waste because “they constitute over 80 percent of the [total] waste [generated in the country]” adding that they would be either recycled or used as raw materials for industries.

Although the Managing Director said in the pilot exercise, each beneficiary school will get three bins each, he however called for a waste audit of the schools to ascertain how many waste drains will need.

“Ideally, each school should be assessed and a waste audit should be done so that we know the waste volumes that are being generated and then we recommend appropriate numbers for each of the schools. But for starters now at least each school should get one bin for one waste drain.

He said the bins will be colour coded as well as stickers placed on them for proper identification.

This comes on the back President Akufo-Addo’s promise to make Accra the cleanest city in Africa by 2020.

By: Godwin Akweiteh Allotey/

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