Ten tips on how to become leaner

Losing weight is hard. But if you want to become leaner before the summer is well and truly over, it can totally be done. In this article, Beauty and Tips offers up 10 tips on how to become leaner.

Summer might have already reached its peak for many of us, but that’s no excuse not to get leaner. In fact, starting now is the best time of all. When spring rolls around again, you’ll be more beach ready than you’ve ever been. Yup, autumn and winter are the new seasons of lean. However, getting shredded isn’t easy. The biggest problem most of us face is staying disciplined and seeing it through right to the end. If you follow the advice in this article, you will become leaner – but only if you’re prepared to stick it out. Consistency is the key. If you stay consistent, you can do this! Without further ado, let’s take a look at 10 tips on how to become leaner.

Eat Small And Often

Many of us have a habit of waiting a few hours before eating a massive meal. We have a bit of breakfast, a decent-sized lunch – and then we leave it for a few hours before having a King-sized meal when we return home from work. While this King-sized meal is certainly something we’re ready for, this kind of meal schedule just won’t work if you want to become leaner. Such big meals leave us feeling bloated and sluggish. They hardly leave us feeling energetic and ready to hit the gym! A much better tip on how to become leaner is to eat a few smaller meals more frequently throughout the day. Aim for between 5 and 7 smaller meals, and skip the massive dinners that leave you feeling heavy. The goal should be to feel active and light.

Stop Eating When You Are Full

If you do end up eating a big meal (perhaps you’re out for a birthday), it’s important that you listen to your body. Yes, listening to our body when it comes to food isn’t easy for some of us. We want cake, and we’re not going to let our body stop us, despite its protests that it’s “full and can take no more”! So one of useful tips on how to become leaner and healthier is to listen to your body. Eat only when you know you’re hungry, and stop eating when you’re full.

Go Swimming

Most people who want to get leaner instantly hit the treadmill. But especially in the summer months, the treadmill isn’t necessarily the best idea because you’ll get so hot and sweaty. Instead, why not head outside and go for  swim? Swimming is an excellent form of cardio – perhaps the absolute best! It’s good for keeping cool, and it goes easy on your joints. It’s fun too, and you can take your friends along with you. If you’re not a massive fan of swimming, there are other water-based activities you could try, such as kayaking.

Drink Lots Of Water

It’s normal to get dehydrated during a workout, especially during the hot summer months. Dehydration can slow down your performance, ultimately affecting how much fat you manage to burn. As such, it’s important that you drink as much water as possible, it’s not only a good tip on how to become leaner but also on how to feel better overall. Take at least one bottle of water with you each time you hit the gym. It will help you to keep going when the going gets tough.

Eat Fruit and Vegetables

One of the best tips on how to become leaner is to add more of healthy food into your diet. It’s time for a sweeping diet change. It’s time to regularly add fruit and vegetables to your list of groceries. Fruit and veg can be quite filling (apples, for example, are rich in fibre), and they’re also rich in minerals and vitamins. Swapping them for candy, crisps and chocolate is a great way to get lean ASAP. Fruit and veg isn’t as expensive as people often assume it is either. You can buy frozen if you’re worried about the costs, too.

Lift Heavier

In order to get leaner, you will have to hit the gym at some point. IKR. If up until now you’ve been lifting fairly small, fairly light weights, it’s now time to start lifting heavier. The heavier the weight is, the more muscle your body will retain. That said, you can’t jump immediately into the really heavy weights – unless you want to do yourself a major injury. Instead, start small and get bigger. Compound lifts work numerous muscle groups, and for that reason they are the best ones.

Plan Your Meals Ahead

Unless you plan your weekly meals in advance, you may end up bingeing on a takeaway midweek. It happens. So another useful tip on how to become leaner is to plan your weekly meals ahead of time, so that you know what your cupboards are well-stocked with the right foods.

Eat Enough Protein

Protein is one of the keys to being lean and mean. Are you getting enough of it? If not, you need to up your game. It starts at breakfast. Eggs are an excellent choice in the morning because they’re rich in protein. You could scramble them with cheese and add a piece of wild salmon, or fry them and eat on toast. Then, continue to get a good amount of protein throughout the day. Don’t stop when you snack either; instead, munch on seeds and nuts that are stuffed with protein.

Lose The Scales

This tip on how to become leaner might sound strange, but hold on, let us explain. One of the reasons some of us give up too early on our lean goals is because we keep checking the scales and getting dismayed with what we’re seeing. Frustrated, we give up. So, ditch the scales, or what are otherwise known as “the sad step,” and just focus on what you’re doing.

Make Yourself Accountable

Lastly, it’s really hard to get and stay lean for some of us simply because we find it hard to stay disciplined. Without someone making us accountable, we might diet and exercise one day but not the next. To ensure consistency, make yourself accountable. An easy way to do this is to get lean with a friend. That way, you will push each other. Also, you could tell your Facebook friends about your goals. The more people who know about them, the more determined you will be to make this work.

Do you have other tips on how to become lean?

Stay happy and healthy!

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