Jute fibre recycling: The story of Trap Company

Fashion is a popular style of cruising in a designer outlook to uproot the beauty of one’s status.

The invention of shoe making has changed from the primitive style of living to the scientific characteristics of comfort style. An entrepreneur‟s mind of scaling to meet the new trending picture of the consumer is subject to total branding and changing the face of the shoe making industry on the continent.

This article is poised to celebrate one of the finest and yet to take-over the industry of shoe making of our generation. Trap Company Limited is a Ghanaian owned shoe-manufacturing brand with two youthful generational thinkers tagged as the Founder and Co-founder. The preliminary launch of the business was a shoe repairing company with a start up of four workers, which over the period has matured to fifteen dedicated staff.

“Man is fashionable because of his inherit desire to look good. Young people all over the world are becoming fashion conscious with a touch of a standard class shoe,” Mr. Asante; Founder of Trap Company narrated.

True Reflection of African Product (TRAP) Company, has over the past time, surfaced the idea of using raw materials such as jute and corn husks in producing a standard class shoes which makes it a good source of income. The company in adventure produces its wares out of the most affordable natural golden fiber, which is second only to cotton in the world. Jute is a long, soft, shiny vegetable fiber, which spun into coarse strong threads.

It is produced primarily from plants in the genus Corchorus and has a biodegradable nature just as the cornhusk. Crisscross Jute Slippers Due to the versatile nature of the fibre, there is a high demand of the jute product on the market. Customers are assured of a long lasting quality product. The Trap products are eco-friendly and water resistance.

It is produced just to withstand the weather condition in the country. About eighty percent (80%) of the industrial raw material is fetched locally. Generally, leather shoes would get wet and ruin easily due to change of weather pattern.

Celebrating three years of effective production and service to the country, Trap Company Limited has lunch different series to meet the increasing demands of its customers. The Co-Founder, Mr. Papa Sika-Andoh introduced to us the various progression of the TRAP wear.

These are Trap Butterfly, Jute slippers and The Maize (cornhusk shoe). All these come in the crisscross and crossbar model, ring toe and French cross model.

According to the founder, the company is looking forward of introducing another series of Trap wear and „market bags‟ during its third anniversary with special edition.

This will come in different forms and we hope the good people of Ghana will love it. He added. Corn Husk Slippers Jute Slippers in style Trap Company Limited projects into the future an orientation of striving through the SubRegion with its outstanding business ideas and innovative skills as a leading manufacturing company in the next three (3) years.

The fashion company has agents spread through five (5) Regions in Ghana. Jute crossbar model Existing and new customers can purchase their favourite series online via and gziffa. com.