Novo Nordisk, Danish Embassy launch insulin

Novo Nordisk in collaboration with the Danish Embassy in Ghana has launched its Hispanic Flexpen insulin in Accra.

The Hispanic FlexPen insulin is a device which will allow for an easier use of insulin for the rising number of diabetics in Ghana.

Available data shows that in 2015, about 266, 000 Ghanaians aged between 20 to 79years had diabetes and about 4790 adults were estimated to have died from diabetes related cause.

Speaking at the launch, the Danish Ambassador, H.E Tove Degnbol said the statistics on diabetes cases in the country is not encouraging as it will have a significant impact on Ghana’s economy.

“In 2015, diabetes alone accounted for approximately 3 per cent of Ghana’s health expenditures which was a total of 180 million. The number of persons with diabetes in Ghana is expected to increase by 103 per cent by 2040 with associated cost believed to be around GHc 388 million”.

According to the Ambassador, private sector participation has become key in providing quality service in the health sector hence the need to encourage Public Private Partnership.

“An important aspect of building our commercial collaboration is the facilitation of the Public Private Partnership (PPP) where we are counting on the strong relationship built up over the many years. One such PPP which the embassy is facilitating is the one between the Ghanaian health sector and Novo Nordisk”.

Ambassador Degnbol explained that in order to help with the treatment of diabetes in Ghana, Novo Nordisk with the help of local hospitals and health authorities has set up six diabetes support centres.

“We believe that there is the need to do more so currently plans are underway to set up two more diabetes centres in Kumasi and Berekum”.

Novo Nordisk is one of the most well known companies in Denmark. It’s a global health care company with more than 90 years of innovation and leadership diabetes care. It founded the world diabetes foundation to save the lives of those affected with diabetes in developing countries.

By: Naa Kwaamah Siaw-Marfo/

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