Nanumba South: Value women’s work – NGO

Actionaid Ghana in collaboration with Songtaba has told staff of the Nanumba South District Assembly to value women’s work at a training.

The sensitization was to create awareness of men and society to appreciate women’s work in the home.

The sensitization is part of a five-year project that is being undertaken by Actionaid in collaborations with Songtaba under a project caption “POWER PROJECT” with funding from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands.

Speaking to Citi News, the project officer for the power project, Madam Abdallah Safura mentioned some of the effects of unpaid care work on women. She said, women are most often not educated as a result.

‘’ The role the women play in performing unpaid care work is really a burden and continues to violate the women’s basic human rights and contributes to the persistent gender inequality.

Women and girls shoulder a greater responsibility for unpaid care work.

Many women rely on smallholder farming and agriculture-related economic activities to discharge this responsibility to ensure the welfare and sustenance of families.

Unpaid care work is work done by women and girls mostly at home without receiving economic reward, and is often unrecognized, and takes most of their time and energy, thereby limiting their ability to engage in leisure, and other economic activities.

This includes caring for children, the sick, and the elderly, collecting fuel wood and water, cooking meals and maintaining shelter and the home, are as crucial to the daily life of a family as to the health of a national economy. Yet despite its importance, it is not valued by society,’’ she noted

Madam Safura, therefore, called on the government and other stakeholders to provide the needed tools and environment to ease the burden of the women.

She called for assistance from men for the women to ensure that the unpaid care work is redistributed.

By: Mohammed Aminu M Alabira,

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