We’re fed up with demands for gay rights – Speaker

Speaker of Parliament, Prof Mike Oquaye, has warned that leaders in countries like Ghana would not countenance the aggressive push by external forces to accept acts such as homosexuality, bestiality among others.

[contextly_sidebar id=”q1iaFZifUJvVvM0dSAEPtzNXZGU4wUsx”]His caution follows a courtesy call on him today [Tuesday] by Amnesty International, where they made demands including a scrapping of the death penalty from the statute books.

But the Speaker said African leaders are getting tired of some of these demands on the basis of human rights.

“Following what Tony Blair said which I personally wrote him a letter that if we do not go the homosexual way, it was going to affect their aid to us. Honestly in view of these developments, we Africans are also concerned about certain things that may appear really intellectual …It is becoming a human right in some countries. The right to do homosexuality. The right for a human being to sleep with an animal. We are tired of some of these things and we must be frank about it. ..I think all these matters need to be seriously interrogated …,” said the Speaker.

Scottish MPs hit hard at Mahama over gay rights


In 2016, some Members of the Scottish Parliament called on their government to confront John Dramani Mahama, who was President at the time, on Ghana’s alleged abuses of its lesbian and gay citizens.

Naomi McAuliffe, Amnesty International’s programme Director in Scotland had said her organisation received regular reports that LGBT people faced police harassment.

Ghana is one of 75 countries which consider homosexuality as illegal.

By: Marian Ansah & Duke Mensah Opoku /


  1. Ghana is absolutely intellectual. Ghana does not countenance abuses, irrational abuses against Nature. The Gay tradition and concept, and lesbianism, we consider abuses against Nature. They are wrong.They insult and abuse the health and the right of the human person.We abjure the gay and the lesbian.

    • oppong.antwi.felix

      My good friend, one would declare organ transplant as an insult to the natural process but do we not save lives with such procedures.
      Facts rule over all and in such cases, the people of Ghana have to lay out the correct arguments against homosexuality (unnatural? that is absolute non sequitur).

  2. I think is a worrisome for a white man to push an African to accept homosexuality and bestiality. Why ? We have allowed them to deceive us we accepted their way of life ,now we are going to feel the heat. because we allow them to provide and support us in everything we do. There are many women in Ghana looking for husband to marry . Now we should leave them for whom to marry . Country men and Women let’s open our eyes like the serpent.

    • White man pushed religious nonsense on you and you ate it up. There was no literal Adam and Eve or literal global flood. The Bible is myth.


    The speaker has spoken. Blessed be the name of the speaker.