Things you didn’t know about Capt. Maxwell Mahama

The late Captain Maxwell Mahama‘s death has undoubtedly caused great pain to many Ghanaians especially considering the manner in which he died.

A few people who have had personal encounters with the deceased military man have tried to recount fond memories of him and what they know about him.

[contextly_sidebar id=”JOewnIkVBMaVEfr5fWFRLkyZR9yvOAcM”]But what more do we know about Captain Maxwell Adam Mahama?

1. He was born in 1985 and was 31 years old.

2. He was born to a military officer [his father – 3rd Infantry battalion Capt. Chubby Adam Mahama (RTD)] whose father was also a military officer.

3. He attended Services Basic School and John Teye Memorial School and Akosombo International for his basic education.

4. He is an old student [Old Saint] of Saint John School, Sekondi [Completed in 2004].

5. He joined the Military after Senior High School.

6. He enrolled and studied Political Science at the University of Ghana [Accra City Campus]

7. He completed his first Masters’ degree program after his BA degree.

8. He had enrolled in an MSc Criminology program in 2015 [Distance Learning] at the University of Leicester and was due to due to graduate at this summer’s degree ceremonies.

9. He got married to Barbara in August 2012.

10. The couple has two children.

11. He loves to play tennis and does so at the professional level

12. He is peace loving and often prefers dialogue in addressing situations according to his father.

13. He had just completed an exam to be promoted to the rank of a ‘Major’.

14. He is a nephew to former President John Dramani Mahama

The deceased, Captain Maxwell Adam Mahama, was lynched with parts of his body burnt by some residents of Denkyira-Obuasi in the Upper West Denkyira District of the Central Region.

Different accounts have been given about how he actually died on the fateful day of Monday, 29th May, 2017.

Initial reports said he was mistaken for an armed robber by residents after he was seen jogging in civilian clothes with a gun on him.

Later, reports suggested he was attacked and killed by the townsfolk who identified him as a soldier deployed to stop them from undertaking illegal small-scale mining in the area.

Seven persons are currently standing trial for their suspected roles in the murder.

By: Jonas Nyabor/

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  1. Austine Jonathan

    I want to latch on to the suggestion that this guy was deliberately killed by those opposed to the deployment of soldiers to check illegal mining in this community, it is very unlikely that they did not know he was a soldier, and the savagery unleashed on him demonstrates the hatred of the locals for the government’s stance against illegal mining. Even if they thought he was an armed robber, since he wasn’t caught in the act, to what extent did they go to interrogate him? Rather, they ignored all his explanations and hacked him to death like a wild animal which strayed to human habitation. I am a Nigerian, but I am so bitter about this wicked act that I expect quick action on this to serve as deterrent to not only Ghanaians but citizens of other countries. Prolonging this clear case in court will only encourage lawless people. And as many people as laid their hands on this guy must be made to face similar fate. People should know that when a man agrees to serve in the armed forces, he does not merely do so for just his own well-being, he signs to put his life on the line, if need be, for the country and the citizens, so treating a military man in such way should attract the harshest punishment, saying he was mistaken for an armed robber is no excuse. I even think Ghanaian soldiers are very lenient on this community.