Soldier ‘mistakenly’ lynched and burnt at Diaso

A military man deployed to serve at Diaso in the Central Region has been lynched and burnt by the youth of the town after they mistook him for an armed robber.

The deceased, Captain Maxwell Mahama is said to have been on his daily jogging routine on Monday when the unfortunate incident occurred.

Reports say he had his gun on him while jogging and some residents who saw him with the gun raised alarm, attracting some of the youth in the community who attacked and killed him.


Citi News gathered the armed robbers had attacked some residents the day before and the angry youth were on the look out for the criminals hence mistook Captain Maxwell Mahama, who was dressed in civilian clothes as one of the perpetrators, having spotted a gun on him.

There is heightened anxiety in the area after the residents learnt that the deceased was a military personnel on duty in the community and not a robber.

Captain Maxwell Mahama is a member of the 5th Infantry Battalion

Meanwhile, the Ghana Armed Force has confirmed the death of the officer and says it is investigating the matter to get the full facts.

It has urged its personnel to remain calm as the due procedure is taken to bring the perpetrators to book.

By: Jonas Nyabor/


  1. I honestly wish I can understand what you’re trying to say they killed an innocent man for nothing. If he was an armed robber don’t you think they should have called the police or asked him to explain himself. I am sure he probably had an explanation, he could have at least show them where he leaves so they could confirm but no instead they killed him. In your article you you said, “One person is dead and it is bringing the entire military to the place”. Let me ask you if it happened to be your father son, daughter, wife, sister, a parents, or a family number of this young man that has be killed will you asked this silly question you just asked. What is wrong with you. No wonder Ghana is till the same when it comes to solving any crime. If it was left to me, those people that killed him all of them will spend at least 10 years of their life in prison and will also make sure they pay up to 200 million. If someone does something wrong they should call the police and let the police deal it. Because just like this men I don’t think all those people that have been killed because of the same reason are all guilty of the crimes they said they committed. So if you have something to say, say something better.

    • Where were the elders in the community to at least intervene to acsertain whether or not the young man is an arm robber. This is sooooo sad. You see a young man hitting the deceased head with BLOCK A BLOCK PAAAAAAAAAAA IN THE VIDEO I JUST SAW ON WASAP. THAT FINISHED /KILLED HIM. IN FACT I AM SAD PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.
      We have to at times exercise patient on some issues.

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