Spaceship launch pad, research centre to be built in Ghana

KESHE Foundation Ghana, a worldwide non-profit organization in Spaceship Technology is partnering BONADES Limited, a Ghanaian-owned Construction Engineering Management (CEM) company for the development and construction of the first-of-its-kind Spaceship Research Centre in Ghana.

This was agreed upon at a preliminary meeting at the Mövenpick (Ambassador) Hotel earlier in May, 2017.

This agreement is made after completion of the feasibility studies and preliminary architectural and engineering designs, and presentation to both the Client and foreign Investors.

The KESHE Spaceship Research Centre construction will start this summer at the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission enclave located at Haatso, Accra.

The duration of the project is to be completed in a maximum of six months’ time.

About KESHE Foundation International
KESHE Foundation International is a worldwide non-profit organization registered in the Netherlands, and has many factories across the world.

It holds all the intellectual property of Mehran Tavakoli Keshe relating to his Technology.


Joint meeting of principal groups building the new space center in Accra

Over the years, the organization’s target is to develop and apply new plasma solution to the world’s major problems, including Global warming/ CO2 problem, Energy shortage, Water problems and Food problems.

For Ghana, our main problems are in the sectors of Health, Agriculture and Energy.

KESHE Foundation International intends to invest a total of 21 million US-Dollars in this project.

The project will consist of an Administration block, Healthcare facility (Clinic), Factory, Research Centre and the first African Flight launch pad.

The Clinic is to be accessible to the general public.

The October 2016 joint conference between Keshe Foundation and GAEC

The October 2016 joint conference between Keshe Foundation and GAEC

With the building and opening of this new centre within the next 12 months, in line with President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s one-district-one-factory agenda, this Foundation seeks to bring new cutting-edge technologies to Ghana, thereby making Ghana one of the leading nations in the world of Science and Spaceship while providing decent sustainable job opportunities to both ordinary citizens and high-earned skilled world-class Technologists and Scientists.

GAEC collaborates to form Keshe Foundation Ghana
In October 2016, following the conference organized by the Kesh Foundation International, in collaboration with Ghana Atomic Energy Commission (GAEC) and subsequent meetings, led to formation of Keshe Foundation Ghana, a Ghanaian registered company jointly owned by the two organizations. The Director of Keshe Foundation Ghana, Mr MT.

Keshe, said the collaboration between his Foundation and the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission meant a lot to the health needs of Ghanaians.

During the conference, the Director General of the GAEC, Professor Benjamin J.B. Nyarko, said Science and Technology have become the principal agents of social and economic change, and as such, more support is needed to enable positive impact on society.

The main objective of the Foundation is to share the benefits of all aspects of its technologies in different areas related to mankind’s welfare and world education.

Credit: KESHE Foundation Ghana



  1. If the author would have made a search of five minutes, he would have find out that the Keshe Foundation has nothing to offer.

    And then he would have written this article somewhat differently:

    There is no Keshe “technology”, no treatment, no agriculture knowledge.
    Don’t waste your time and money with a pseudoscientific cult. Keshe cannot show ONE SINGLE PROOF.
    He lies and manipulates people. His “plasma” idea is not scientific, there was no real research, it is just a fairytale.

    I wonder why some people in Ghana can be impressed so easily by a leader of a cult.

    • Dietrich Jahn lies. There is in fact, plenty of agricultural, health and other applications of the Keshe Technology all over the world. The technology involves creating simple materials that you can make at home, and many thousands of people around the planet enjoy doing it. People with the Keshe knowledge do their own experiments, and see the amazing results for themselves. For practical examples, read Keshe testimonials:

    • Soraya BA 2nd-wave

      @Dietrich Jahn: It’s seems like you are the same troll like Martin Singer… Or is he your workmate? Your silly try of defamation won’t work as you revealed yourself as a Paid Troll who is not able to understand the beautiful Keshe technology. Unfortunately it doesn’t work for trolls & other criminals 😉

      So my suggestion is: Reflect yourself. Change your mind. Fire your paymaster. Get an honorable job. Use yur brain & heart to understand the Keshe technology. Then you will get your proof!

      And you will get peace & light for your poor soul..

      • If it worked bitch, you beggars wouldn’t be here begging your case (thievery) THE WORK WOULD SPEAK FOR ITSELF.

    • The main objective of the Foundation is to share the benefits of all aspects of its technologies in different areas related to mankind’s welfare and world education.

  2. Keshe is well known as international criminal with a long record of scam. faked demonstrations, illegal medical practices and experiments, slander and defamation, selling of non existing or non working products against advance cash which are mostly not delivered and more.
    Ghana, like other African states, has been a victim of western suppression and exploitation for centuries. Do you really want to introduce the next attempt?

    • Martin Singer is a dedicated Keshe-hater from years ago, who doggedly continues to harass Keshe at any opportunity. “Martin Singer” is not his real name, by the way. He goes by many pseudonyms, and has many Facebook ids, in order to do his dirty work.

    • Soraya BA 2nd-wave

      @Martin Singer: This is a cheap try to defame Mr. Keshe! You revealed yourself as a paid Troll. How much do you get paid for this job? And who is your paymaster? This stunning technology works much better as you are able to imagine. But it doesn’t work for criminals. So my suggestion is: Reflect yourself. Change your mind. Fire your paymaster. Start to do an honorable job. Start to understand the Keshe-technology. Then you will get your proof!
      Peace & Light for your poor soul..

    • Codarcea Vasile

      Man , you are just a sick person, you whant some help? why you dont use some ZnO and little Co2 to fix your emotions? Many people use it and it is worck. Martin, you see we dont hate you. And yes, Ghana deserve to be a first country tu use all plasma technology inclusive Space ship programe. If you dont whant to se the truth, dont look.

      • You joined the mob of thieves too? Where is your conscience?.

      • Why don’t you use it yourself. When Keshe brought that nonsense up he ate a spoonfull of this “CO2 GANS” (which is a poisonous zinc compound) and became pretty sick. Unfortunately he did not take enough of it 🙁

  3. Just have a look here:

    • Then have a look here;

      • Rick, you know very well that you, Sandor Kakasi and Gordon Duff created that slander website about me. It’s a fake news Website. Shame on you all. All these crimes Cultleader Keshe accussed me of are pure dirty fallacies (red circle, murderer, Illuminati, terrorist, …, just to hide his own crimes. I never commited them. And all these positive comments are organized by you Rick Crammond: “Please write positive comments”. I have the screenshot Rick. I will publish it on our Keshevictims Facebook group. Dirk Laureyssens.

        • Videos about Keshe scams and Keshe insanity on vimeo:

        • Please read facts about Dirk at (Dirk is the publisher of the Factsaboutkeshe and KesheVictims sites)

          It has to come to light that Mr Dirk and his associates are in the job of child trafficking from Ghana to Belgium according to British intelligence reports.

          This gentleman’s associate and partner, Allan D Sterling, was jailed for life in June of last year for raping his own children…

          • And again the usual dumbfuck attempt to slander. Was this the reason, dear Rich, why you tried to spread funny images over my hacked account?

          • Haha , u sick pig, no one believes anything coming from your evil potty mouth. Keep it shut for it smells of shit, the shit that makes up all of you.

          • Oh c’mon Rick, old clown. I don’t say you are stupid, I just say, when it comes to thinking you are confronted with obstructions from your frontal lobe nekrosis.
            But don’t worry – since it is proofed that humans do not sten from apes we have – as a balance – proof, that some apes stem from humans 😀

          • Rick just repeats the traditional BS of the MESSiah. “It has to come to light that Mr Dirk and his associates are in the job
            of child trafficking from Ghana to Belgium according to British
            intelligence reports”. Come to light? Pure fallacy by Keshe. … according to British intelligence reports. Haha what a joke. Keshe annouced serveral times my immediate arrest by “agencies” and Interpol, even yesterday during KSW 153 and a radio interview. Big balls BS talk. Nothing happened. Last month I visited Manchester. Was i arrested? NO. For sure MI5 and MI6 knew that I took the flight from Brussels to Manchester. Nothing was even asked during entry in UK. And about Sterling Allan? Keshe ran after Allan, in the hope to get support for his “technology”on Peswiki. They were almost every day in contact, as Rick Crammond was too. When Keshe started the slandering against me, he told that I exchanged more than 200 emails with Allan. A manifest lie. He was going to provide these 200 emails to Interpol and FBI. This shows how Keshe creates fallacies, trying to fool “Intelligence agencies”. Of course such agencies can trace any email exchange by the data given in “long headers”, but Keshe seemed to be ignorent of that. You can fool for sure naive followers, but not the real security agencies. They all know Keshe is a mental ill scammer and fraudster. Dirk

      • Ah, so you are the creator and owner of this crap? Congrats. Btw – if it was you who tried to hack my PC: You failed and will fail whenever you try again 😀

  4. Mr Martin Singer please explain me confirmed by doctors from UK and not only eradication and eventually total recovery of my wife from cancer within few weeks using Dr M.T. Keshe and Keshe Foundation technology. My kids get a mother back and I get my wife back !!!! Instead accusing please learn it to benefit all humanity not only your packets by making this fake noise. Love to all Ghanaians.

    • Peter Salocher

      Pawel Braszka, it won`t help to adress anything to this Martin Singer because he is the Troll also known as “Robert Stankowic”, a 73 years old sick man, and he uses about 10 different other names. But let him write more:-)
      the Plasma Technolog< is real and the most beautiful thing. Processes Cancer, Diabetes, high blood pressure, Typus, HIV, and many more diseases.

      • Doug MacDonald

        As the post man goes about delivering important letters to households there is always an angry dog barking madly from behind a fence for no other reason than habit. This does not stop the post man going peacefully about his business. The dog simply does not understand what is actually going on.

        • To Mr Singer andMr Jahn,
          It is my wish to elevate your soul so that you come to understand that we will not stop or be stopped due to the correctness of the technology.
          I bet a $100 that if you got cancer you would turn to this technology for help.

          • You lose 🙂

          • disqus_rUotZOLmWO

            you have cancer in your brain, you cant think anymore

          • Ah! A doctor with Xray eyes…..

          • Keshe you illiterate pc of pig shit, dump your costumes and show your true face- Malevolent evil creep.

          • OK, I´m in. But you lose…

          • Brett, if you think, that your soul is more elevated than mine, then this sounds not very elevated. It sounds snooty. Very, very snooty!
            And if you think that you believe Mr. Keshe’s words because of your elevated soul, I have to disappoint you. Of course Mr. Keshe tells you that. It is part of his manipulation technique. But there are reasons why you believe a man his antigravition and gold making and free energy stories inspite of he never showed a proof.
            But these reasons are not complimentary for you. One reason is probably stupidity.
            Another is, that you should change your method. If one tells you extraordnary things, you should say: “Show me, not tell me!”

          • Dear Dietrich,
            Your attack shows you need some help I will mediate and attempt to raise the level of your soul. Nothing snooty about that. Much love Brett

          • Dear Brett,

            Which attack? I didn’t attack anyone. Or do you made yourself insulted by reading my comment? It wasn’t meant as an insult either. Keshe’s lies are such obvious, that everybody who believes them has to be stupid. I speak simple. Do you understand?
            Not every stupid person believes Keshe’s lies, but only stupid people do.

            And if you finally will come to the conclusion too, that not one of Mr. Keshe’s announcements of the last 12 years was true you will clap your hand at your forehead and say: “Man, i was stupid!”
            This is a forecast. It will happen exactly as i said. You will laugh from your heart when it happens.

            My advice is to take one hour and check the arguments which show that Keshe told lies over >12 years open-hearted and with a real contact to the freedom of your soul. If you are still able to admit that you could have been eventually wrong, then you don’t need to fear that hour. Be one hour a sceptic if you dare. The truth will evelate you truely, not the vicious and poisoned words of a study-faker.

            More love, Dietrich

          • Dear Dietrich,
            I still dont understand how you can’t see what is on offer. I have spent thousands of these hours validating what he says. The devices I have created validates this beyond a doubt for me . If you took the time to investigate and understand instead of poo haring you might see what I see. Here I a list of what I have created lately. That means within the last years and months, All work .. Household magrav, Feeding system, plasma to plasma boxes, pain pens, pain relief pads plasma to plasma type, all manner of ganses black Ch3 brown CH3, C02, Zn 02, Cu02 and then I made a plasma with a plasma of all listed and when and if you could be near these second plasmas you would understand. Making them takes a lot to learn. A secndary plasma??? HMMM. These plasmas are so much stronger than a primary plasma and are used for food with an amino acid, for medical, myself I have lowered my blood pressure from 155/105 to 132/85. My doctor wanted to put me on statins once on them you never get off them so I am a happy and a pig in you know what.
            So Dietrich try making some Gans and start to understand the power in them. Instead of blindly not understanding.


          • Dear Brett,
            ty for your kind words. I have a friend who bought an original magrav from the keshe foundation and made everything very exactly as in the description. He was very convinced. He had over one year until now no saving at all.
            Your efforts with “ganses” are not of a scientific evidence, sry. You want to believe and you invested much time, so you wanted to get good results. And you wanted it because big liar Keshe always talks of peace and love. If he would have anything to offer, he would talk to scientists, not to laymen. Enthusiastic amateurs will always bring “testimonials”, this is part of every cult.
            Your blood pressure got better, i am happy with you. You can be sure, you cannot tell, what is gans-water or simply water. You cannot make a double-blind-test, can you? You healed yourself with the power of placebo. This is good. But the Keshe-superstition is not good, he brings dispute and anger between friends and family-members. No normal person can believe the Keshe-bullshit, and the cult-members cannot step back, because they are too deep in his false ideas.
            Please tell me: Do you believe to 100%, that Dirk Laureyssens is a murderer and pedophile? Keshe slanders him, because Dirk says the truth. Or do you believe only to 90%? Or even less?
            And hopeGirl?
            Do you believe Keshe in that case for 10%? Or 5? Or not at all? If you once recognize, that Keshe tells lies all the time, you will clap your hand at your forehead and say: “Man, i was stupid!”, just as i wrote before. And you will be happy to check it finally.
            With love, Dietrich

          • Hi Dietrich,
            Firstly your question on Dirk, I have never met or had anything to do with him so how could I comment ,
            As far as your friends Magrav goes lots of us made mistakes when making them in the beginning like not using potassium hydroxide in the caustic about 20 to 30% is needed this changes the spacing of the nano layers, the other mistakes I made where not using caustic and sugar in the capacitors, Third mistake I made was not washing the coils of caustic with vinegar after nano coating this removes all caustic. Caustic left over kills the reaction… before you ad dried and re hydrated Gans . These little things are the difference between success or failure of your magrav. Fourth mistake I made was filling the balls and what type of gans is used, 3 balls must have different gans top and bottom than the center .So in the end I got a 40% saving and yes it takes time and effort,,,,, If you cut an apple in half and have look how creation does it.
            Next I address your so called placebo re my blood pressure it has been high for 10 years and quack was worried about it and she said you have to go on Statins, so I made a very exacting gans using every trick in the book to achieve and low and behold after 60ml morning afternoon and night , doctor was amazed by results basically she said impossible, So as they say proof of the pudding is in the eating.
            As far as the negativity you exude in regards to Mr Keshe this might be a manifestation of your frustration. Please Dietrich makes some Co2 and ZN GANS and consume it. When made correctly it will change your view.

          • If Keshe would be honestly and if he would have any real solution to offer, he would warn his members, NOT to publish any testimonials, because of the placebo effect and the tendency to gloss over things.
            He would forbit to publish recovery reports! Because he wouldn’t want to awake false hopes.
            But he is a scammer who wants to make a lot of money with his products, so he encourages people to do so. He himself spreads this testimonials from amateurs! He made a website with these reports! This is an untrustworthy behaviour beyound all words.

        • Yes dogs are considered unholy by wret5ches that come from the cuckoo keshe’s homeland. You just gave yourself away pig.

      • Thank you for allowing me to write more. No, Idiot, I am not sick at all. Having seen most of your stupid videos I daresay, that I am even fieetr than you. At least I don’t see orbs (seeing them is a strong indication of a proceeding eye – disease (Glaskörper – Trübungen)

      • Desperate to con more innocents?. Wicked pc of stinking rotten carcass.

    • First of all, Keshe is not a “Dr.”, just a dumb little nuclear engineer with a BSc (the lowaest grade available
      And second: Provide evidence for your touching story or I call you a storyteller 🙂

    • Haha show us some evidence you slimy cross dressing sock pupet pc of shit

  5. Plasma technology works. Mr Keshe and KFSSI is doing a great job in helping people with their daily problems. Incerase in crops, health,benefits etc. Just be open minded and try. Knowledge is shared openly and it`s in the interest of us all to use this technology for the benefit of us all on every continent, every country, every home..

    • Not 1 iota of evidence for that, all you clinically insane criminals do is blab.

    • It does not work just because you say it works. It works when there is proof, such as shown in….Washington!….No wait…..shown as in China! Yes! China bought MILLIONS of Magravs last year. Keshe told us. They have been produced in Italy, he said….No? Wait! I have the final proof of Señor Moustache´s predictions! The EARTHQUAKE! Yes ! Have you noticed the Megaquake in California 2015 and 2016? You must have! Because it was of Richter scale 24! And when you learn the logarithmic (!!!!!) Richter scale correctly, you MUST have noticed….

  6. Eva Birgitte Krarup Møller

    I have warmed up my apartment all winter with the knowledge Mr. Keshe shares freely. Minus 20 degrees celsius out and +24 degrees inside.

    • Peter Salocher

      Hehe, Eva, that´s very true, and me, i observed just that in the last two days, i used only 0,42 and 0,53 kwh in 24 hours of energy from the grid, that´s amazing too. And tzhere are peoples out there saying it doesn`t work. Like Liberty said, “they are showing us who they are”

      • Hi Peter – was that saving similar to the fuel saving, after which the gas stations “manipulated the fuel pumps”
        Mann, Du bist so dämlich dass Du eigentlich statt einer Geburtsurkunde ein Entschuldigungsschreiben des Kondom – Herstellers haben müsstest

      • Evil fkn conman, go to hell.

    • Gas like all that’s awful that comes out of the Iranian pig’s commode mouth.

  7. Liberty Vibrant

    Martin and Dietrich your words reveal how little you understand regarding
    the Keshe Plasma Technology and also reveal the depths of the programs
    festering within you that make you believe it is okay to destroy lives and attempt to prevent others from using these incredibly amazing tools of knowledge given so freely by Mr Keshe.
    All the knowledge seekers around the world are celebrating what Mr Keshe is bringing to Humanity and no matter how many attempts you can make to disinform people,
    we are growing and will continue to grow stronger every day.
    Thank you for showing us who you are.
    Your words and actions are broadcast for all to see.

    • Well, a few hundred people around the world is not really overwhelming 😀

    • You idiots have failed to produce anything that works after blabbing for 6 years. No one believes you cos we create the awareness about scamster pigs like you. Turn yourself in turd.

    • Thank you – that’s exactly what we want 🙂

    • All the “knowledge seekers” around the world remember washington. It was a great day that showed us, how the “technology” worked….

    • The main objective of the Foundation is to share the benefits of all aspects of its technologies in different areas related to mankind’s welfare and world education.

  8. I have really really weak ankles and can not be on them for more than 2 hours otherwise I have a really hard time walking, When I use the Keshe Health Patch my pain goes away and I am able to walk again. It also is great for the outdoors men who get real bad poison Ivy or poison oak, Just the CO2 patch takes it away within 2 days, depending on how bad you have it, I had it really bad and within 2 days it was gone!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT TO MENTION ALL THE OTHER GREAT BENEFITS!!! Please go troll on someone else as you will not break us..Love and Peace to you Martin

  9. The reports of the followers of the cult just support my point of view:
    The matter here is science, medicine and technology. This normally is based on research and scientific studies.
    The followers of the cult should point to really, universitairy, scientific research, but they can’t. So what we have are some private stories of no worth, sorry. To every of that story are thousands of unsuccesful treatments or measurements.
    You cannot base diabetic cure, a space program or agriculture changes on those fanatic members.

    The cult-members should aggree with me, that there should be really, double-blind, placebo-controlled studies, before selling health-promising products.
    In this point, there should be no difference between them and us.

    • Well Dietrich Jahn, how comes, that you label other peoples, that you have never seen or never met, “followers of a cult”?
      Are you a clairvoyant?
      You claim about “thousands of unsuccesful treatments to every successful one. Again, this is speaking out of the blue, without any base. What you ask from others, you should deliver yourself. So be yourself more scientific, talk to the, at least one million people, before you state such things.
      And don`t offend peoples you do not know to be fanatic, because it could turn out very easily, that you are the only fanatic in here.

      • So Peter you got my point:
        Without scientifc research everybody can claim everything.
        So we all can support this: before there are proofs (instead of anectodes) Ghana shouldn’t invest time or money in promises.

        Another man could come and claim he is three times better than Mehran Keshe, and followers of this man could tell better stories. Would you let fall Mr. Keshe and follow the other one?

        Without studies no medical experiments on people! We all agree do that don’t we?

        • Peter Salocher

          No, no no, Dietrich Jahn, i will never agree with you, you are just trolling and trying to hold things back!
          No need to say that you are denying the beautiful storries of thousands of wonderful peoples, as not being scientific enough, if even the scientists themself have seen that there is more into this and started looking at it.
          Dont worry about Ghana, they know very well what they are doing, These are higly educated peoples with PhD not wannabes like you .
          You do better worry about yourself.

          • Dear Peter,
            Mehran Keshe told you, that you can produce gold with his machines and you believed him and made experiments to produce gold. But of course with no result, because it is impossible to produce gold.
            He promised that it is easy and that one can produce kilos of gold. Of course, nobody could make it, inspite of many people who tried.
            He calls himself Messiah. He announced many earthquakes for example “in seven days” and you believed, but not one of his predictions were fulfilled, but you believe him anyway. He wanted the evacuation of big cities. It was a good choice not to believe or even better not to listen to him.
            Peter, you would believe anything he says. So of course it looks like a cult! Worst cult of all: a leader-cult. Your mind went step by step through a kind of brainwashing and until now you don’t see the faults of M. Keshe.
            M. Keshe took money for spaceship-journeys to the moon in 2009. But he hadn’t and has no spaceship. The Keshe-group who wants to built a Keshe-spaceship is just ridiculous and has no success at all. This is all true and you know it. You make marketing for him, you want to get new members. So bad news for you: You are in a cult.

          • Beautiful stories. Exactly. Guess what – I can tell you as many beautiful stories as you can swallow. And I assure you, they will be much more intelligent 🙂

          • This highly educated people came to the conclusion, that Keshe’s fantasies are of no worth.


            But for you it is too late. What worth has “truth” for you? Keshe tells lies all the time and you are too deep is your love for authority?

      • C’mon Peter, your and your companion retards provide more thatn enough evidence about how you tick. Deine “Sprit – Ersparnis mit nachfolgender Überlegung, dass die Zapfsäulen manipuliert waren als Du doch wie immer tanken musstest allein schon beweisen, dass Deine Intelligenz knapp unte der eines nassen Feldwegs angesiedelt ist 🙂

  10. This truly is epic. We – speaking on behalf of humanity – are deeply grateful for the gifts the Keshe Foundation has been giving… Ending the way the cabal kept so much beneficial knowledge to themselves. Now this Knowledge and Understanding comes out to finally end disease .. and the profits made from the ignarance… and energy shortage .. and open up the Universe for ordinary people, instead of just the elites.

    • Delusional , gullible victim alert.

      • Isn’t mthis dumb tussie member of Keshes “world governement”?
        Methinks with “world” Keshe means a special are in a first class psychiatry 😀

        • Yes she is. And they “forced” peace on earth in 2016. REALLY! It worked like everything is working at Keshe´s….

  11. Valentin Rozman

    I have been involved in several groups that want to make this world the best place for all living beings. And always there has been a strong opposition from trolls and haters who misunderstand the facts or a payed to spread lies or are mentally ill. Also Keshe technology despite of a lot evidence that it works is here similarly under attack by Martin Singer and Dietrich Jahn. Cool that such fake debunkers are now being debunked and people can thus make their own research and experiments and see what is truth and what lies >

  12. disqus_rUotZOLmWO

    I hope many other coutries will follow Keshe Foundation and Ghana and made launch pad research centers. I as a follower since 2012 have many benefits from using Keshe Foundation technologies. Dont believe me, try it and then we talk!

    • The medical pads are not invented by Keshe. He just copied them in China with Soheil. They are on the market for more than 30 years. You may be a follower since 2012, I started the KF in 2005 with MTK. Maybe I know Keshe better than you? Do you agree? Dirk Laureyssens

    • Liar, conjob sock pupet.

  13. Stefano Steez Baldas

    Plasma tech works indeed. Only those who talk without even try anything before talking about it say it does not works. I talk upon personal experience.

  14. Isnt it odd that you trolls are attracted so fiercely to the KF . If you were not trolling then why waste your time on a subject you dont believe is true! Seems you are like a turd under the foot!!
    I know the keshtech works as I use it everyday. And those that i share it with do too. No matter you trolls…you will not win. Love to you all. 🌝

  15. Hello my dearest Keshes!
    Before you slander me as a troll, please explain the fotos for me. Explain to the world why there is NO:

    Flight to the moon sold in 2009
    Flying car (due since Jan 2016 (the last time))
    Peace on earth (“forced” by the “Messiah” in Dec 2016)
    working magrav (well….sold for some years now….)
    working coma treatment (you know, what I´m talking about, or has she woken up?)
    regrown body parts? (Nice fotos though)
    EARTHQUAKE in California of Magnitude 24 (Mr. Logarithmic strikes back…)

    When you have answered these questions you may slander me, but answer first 😉

    • Gunnar, have you ever actually TRIED any of the Keshe technologies? If you did, you would not have such a poor attitude. Instead you could save money on power bills, get real help with your health problems, and gain hope that humanity can thrive on the planet…and in Space.

      • Rick….very obviously Keshe himself never tried his so called “technology”. Or why is it necessary for him to use Fotos taken in 2009 from Japan? A poor attitude is obviously on LIARS, who use obviously STOLEN pictures…

        • He tried once when he ate his “CO2 GANS” and was of course poisoned (only a complete idiot eats the anode – mud of a primitive electrolysis 😀

      • By the way…you never really wondered, why the earthquake didn’t´t take place? Or the flying car never flew? Rick, Rick, you are a part of a cult. But here, every Keshie can read about his scam and no one can delete this pictures. And you found no explanations to my questions…answer them first and THEN we talk about the GREAT things Keshe did (the peace treaty is a nice one for example…;-) ) or his glasses ( I thought, he fixed his eyes with the so called “Gas at Nano State…) whoahahhhahhaaaaahahaa

      • Do you run against a bus to TRY if it hurts? Rick, you are really dumb beyond imagination

  16. Keshe is a cheat , liar, criminal, delusional psychopath. He will take the money and run. He is an illiterate conman who makes tall claims. Beware this wretch Africa and question the principles of any ezine that promotes him.

    • disqus_rUotZOLmWO

      Keep it slow man, do not rush! Keshe have thousands of followers, you have nothing ahahahahaah

      • OK, let it be thousands…..well…..a few months ago, the keshies told us “MILLIONS” and “MILLIONS” of Keshe followers were there all over the world. So: How many? Millions or thousands? (C´mon…it´s just a few zeros….;-) ) And where are the millions of sold magravs? Ah! They were destroyed by the MEGAQUAKE in 2015….no wait 2016…but please “GIVE TO RECEIVE” Why? I thought, Keshe produces his own Gold? Hey man keep it VERY slow and give a bit more….”ahahahahahaah”….;-)

        • Keshes motto: “You must not always take, sometimes you mus let people give 🙁

        • disqus_rUotZOLmWO

          You are more stupid that i think, so i will explain to you. In my groups i have thousands of followers. They are hundred of groups around the facebook, youtube and many others social media. If you have some degree you can calculate for your self. I see that you follow videos , you know every spoken word of Keshe. I will add you as a one more follower to my groups. Hahahahaah you are very stupid man, you make my day

          • Ah of course: YOU have thousands of followers. The sentence, and I quote:”Keshe have thousands of followers, you have nothing ahahahahaah” is not correct. So you lied obviously. Actually, I have a degree, and I calculate every Thursday…….well, it does not get any higher than….thousands….and when you count me in….999….YOU made my day…

          • disqus_rUotZOLmWO

            I`m happy that i made your day. Now you can be proud to be follower. But this will be our small secret, i will not talk with your paymaster, hahahahahahah

  17. Peter? What about your comment? Give up? I just wrote: “Because you have NOTHING to show….What about your gold, you produced? Lost at the earthquake? So the people in Ghana now know, that Keshe is scam! Thank you for your admit, that Keshe is scam and a liar, thank you Peter.”

    • Since Rick crammond was able to get this citifmonline offline for many hours, and deleting a number of comments, It seems citifmonline is a fake news website, controlled by KF ( Rick, Sandor and Gordon Duff).

  18. No need to add anything else here,
    because it looks that Trolls like
    Gunnar, Slow crapper, sharpwolve, Martin Singer, Dietrich Jahn, have
    highjacked this discussion.
    They always do this, they can`t stop because this way they confirm their existence.
    They are hiding behind false profiles and shooting cowardly on innocent peoples.
    We can only pray for their souls.

  19. disqus_rUotZOLmWO

    Every time Keshe Foundation announce so big news and trolls are activating. They try to stop us, but you cant because Keshe is smarter that your paymaster and he knows every step before you make.

    • He surely did know, that we would find out, that he stole pictures from a study in 2009….and of course he knew, that there was no earthquake and of course he knew, that that crystal in the center of the magrav is bullshit and of course he knew, that everything he says is just for letting you pay….and of course he did not say, that all his followers are monkeys “monkey see, monkey do…”….well….wait….he DID say that….

      • disqus_rUotZOLmWO

        i see that you follow very closely what Keshe talks, you follow every video teaching. You are a big fan of him. Welcome!

    • ….and of course he knew, that there was a part broken at the magrav he sent to washington in 2016….and because of that he fooled us all! He wanted to test us! That´s it! If we are dumb enough to follow a broken machine….

      • disqus_rUotZOLmWO

        ok, dont follow, you are not presurred to follow, go follow fishing channels.

    • Every time Keshe Foundation announce so big news…nothing happened. No flying cars, no space flight, no earthquake, cancer healing is just fake. To me, KF is just $cientology 2.0.

  20. OK dear Keshies: 131 comments, I read them all: NOT ONE showed us proof, that Keshe is telling the truth. Many of the comments told us things like: “Keshe have thousands of followers, you have nothing ahahahahaah” well….last year it was MILLIONS of them….but OK, many of the comments said things like: “But it works….” and when asked how or where we can find proof, just: “well it works for me” or “I KNOW it works”….Proof for me is another thing, but let the people in Ghana decide. We can stop here, but I want to ask the people, that are PRO Keshe again in 6 months, if there IS a factory being built. Same as I asked people in 2016: “Well, where is your earthquake in California?” “Well, where is your flying car?” “Well, where is your gold, that you have produced since 2016?” Always the answer is….none. But here, here I will ask you the questions again in 6 months, and I wonder what your answers will be…;-) Namaste….

  21. Live now…interview of Mehran Keshe by Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot:

    • Rick, Rick, this backfires again. It is very interesting from the part the people ask him 1h:19min….Q:”have you built a spaceship?” A:”YOU have to build the spaceship, I will not do it again.The base was shown in Rome 3-4 weeks ago.” Well….I watched the Rome event and read the articles….where was there a space ship? OK….so…what is the space port in Ghana for? A bunch of rusty wires? 1h:21min “I am the Messiah!”….again! 1h:22 he totally wents crazy about the “pedophile ring” and Dirk again. This talk is more than one year old. Why is Dirk still there? Just a question….the next minutes are very, very interesting. And, Rick, where does Keshe get the number of 60000 people following him every week? (1h:45min) Maybe he adds all the people who watched his YT Videos for the last year….Wow, all in all, read the comments shown on Youtube, then you know, what people think of Mr. Spaceship and his promises for the last 12 years he did´nt keep….

    • some comments for you: Cell phones can take HD Photos these days. Do you have any pictures to prove this farce? No? Right, I didn’t think so.…Why are you interviewing this scammer again?

      You got a shit storm last time, are you not listening to your crowd?

      There have been no proof of his technology, he keeps taking money from people and scamming…..ha ha ha this is hilarious. … how fricken stupid does this con artist think

      I am ?????…This guy is full of shit. Never reveals anything. Everything he says is vague and meaningless. FRAUD DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY.…Hahhahahaha….srry but keshe is a con man he screwed a lot of people!
      ….Keshe is a psychopath. Look at past vids and promises, he is full of it. Total vomit worthy.


  23. Peter Salocher

    It feels so great to be one with the
    Keshe Foundation.

    You know, Mr. Keshe stated many times, that we are tested at
    any corner.
    Life itself is a test, and anything we do.

    We are judged in the same moment of our action by our own soul,
    and everything will be registered and will be seen by beings higher order.
    Even with such a simple thing like writing a comment, you are submitting yourself to a test, even without your knowing.
    You can level up or level down depending on how and what you write. So even writing a comment can have severe consequences.
    We got some beautiful statements. But also some Trolls came in and thought they have to fight for their own truth, using any means and any words and they wrote heavily

    whilst others wrote only one or two comments in a respectful loving
    After some days they thought that they have won the battle,
    and destroyed everything good around them.

    But as always, the truth looks very different. There has never been a battle at all and Keshe Foundation followers would never join in any battle, they are man of peace.
    In truth these comments have just been another test where we could
    level up or level down.
    As a comment is always a statement about yourself, not a means to prove anything.
    So with writing a comment you only show others who you really are. And in the end we all can clearly see who is who. Everything is said now and i am quite
    sure, that also future readers of this articel will clearly see
    No matter how much these Trolls will ever write, it won`t
    change anything because the world can not be changed by words, it
    can only be changed by beautiful souls and it has already

    • My dear Peter! Have you listened to the Video Rick just linked? Have you listened to your Guru? He told you about one and a half year ago, that you were a monkey, remember? Now he tells it again, that he is the Messiah! Look at it. He LIES. Why is Dirk still there? Keshe AGAIN slanders him in the Video. For that, he can go to jail, please tell him that. Can you show me the spaceship he spoke about? It was in Rome and you have been there, too. I did not see it there….Please just a photo. There were some nice pictures of you and the Guru, you must have made a photo of the spaceship! Keshe said, he showed it in Rome. Show it to the world, show it to the people in Ghana, what their spaceship will look like.

    • QuestionEverything

      Hear, hear! A devotee of the pathological liar Keshe babbles of “truth”. As long as you follow such a pathetic charlatan you have not the slightest clue what “truth” really means. The actual truth about Keshe — his countless lies, the deception and the fraud — is easy to find on the web for anyone who is honestly looking. Some other commenters have provided good starting links. You look away because you don’t want to see the actual truth, because you cling to a ridiculous pseudo-spiritual fantasy. And concerning “being judged by our own soul”: Furthering a despicable cult like the Keshe foundation is certainly one of the worst things you can do in this regard.

      • You know that Peter surely gets some money out of the Keshe cult. So there is a reason for him to support his master. There are some other figures in the german speaking areas who try to earn a bit. But the hype is deflating. There are just some hundred people in Europe dumb enough to donate. But it seems to be enough to live in Ghana. He tried Dubai, lets have a look on the next year, when the Ghana guys kick him….

    • disqus_rUotZOLmWO

      I agree with you Peter! Nice words, I will share them to the groups!

  24. disqus_rUotZOLmWO

    Hey trolls, when you finish here, i need you to troll one political party in one country. You will be paid as usual. Connect with me at [email protected]

  25. disqus_rUotZOLmWO

    Trolls , your paymaster is a spy. He speaks the truth all the time. Read here:

  26. QuestionEverything

    Dear Ghanesians,

    some of you fell for a pathological liar and charlatan named M.T. Keshe. This man has a more than a decade long history of lies and deceit. He is no scientist, but only has — as his university confirmed — a bachelor degree (the lowest academical degree in Britain, where he obtained it) in nuclear engineering. He has never published a single article in any recognized scientific publication. He has no medical or space engineering qualification whatsoever. Look for the truth about him on the internet, and don’t fall for the propaganda of his cult-like believers. A good starting point is:

    • disqus_rUot23LmWO

      I see you know Mr. Keshe very well. You know every steps he takes. Did you follow him somewhere? Ok, i do not answer me, i know what you are doing, next time write your homework and check paper before you talk about someone other papers. Check here first:

      • QuestionEverything

        @disqus_rUot23LmWO: As usual with Keshe believers, you have no clue what you’re talking of. To repeat the facts for you:

        Keshe has never published a single article, not to speak of a whole paper, in any recognized scientific publication.

        The only place, where the ridiculous, pseudoscientific nonsense “papers” you are referring to have been published, is on Keshe’s own website. That’s what crackpots do. Keshe is no scientist, he only tries to impress the gullible with scientific sounding gibberish.

        The few serious scientists, who took up the burden to actually look at Keshe’s “scientific” ideas, notably Austrian astrophysicist Florian Freistetter, PhD and Italian physicist Gianni Comoretto, found them utter and total nonsense.

        Apart from that, Keshe is a convicted criminal now anyway, as the Belgian court of Kortrijk ruled on August 7th.

  27. OK, almost 6 months later now….where is the building site? Where are the plans? Where is Keshe anyway ? And his millions and millions of followers?