Ridge Hospital closed again after 2nd commissioning

Citi News investigations indicate that patients were moved to the multi-million dollar Greater Accra Regional Hospital to apparently keep up appearances during the official opening of the facility on Wednesday, May 17.

According to investigations, the patients were moved from the old Ridge Hospital building to the new facility.

The hospital, which is funded by a $250 million credit facility from the US Exim bank and HSBC Bank, was found closed to patients, just three days after it was opened by the Minister of Health, Kwaku Agyemang Manu.

Former President John Mahama had inaugurated the first phase of the project in November 2016 but the hospital remained closed till the Wednesday opening.

Following the opening of the 420-bed, about 50 patients had the opportunity to experienced health care at the hospital.

But Citi News’ Caleb Kudah reported that the brisk activities witnessed at the hospital during its opening were non-existent.

Some persons spoke to him in hope of using the facilities when it was opened on Wednesday but today [Friday], there was no activity, as persons were not allowed not allowed access to the hospital.

Security personnel, who confronted Citi News’ reporter said the hospital was closed at least until Monday.

Health Ministry unaware of closure

Meanwhile, the Health Ministry has said it is not aware of the closure of the multi-million medical facility.

The Public Relations officer of the Ministry, Robert Cudjoe, however, says all necessary equipment installations have to be carried out before the facility becomes fully operational.

“This is a big hospital and a lot of work must go on, but as to whether it has been shut down again, I have no idea because we opened it just this Wednesday… No information has come to us that someone has reported and has been refused to be taken care off. That has not come to my attention. If it is, then probably we will know what to do later on,” Mr. Cudjoe told Citi News.

Tussle between Health Ministry, Medical Director 

These revelations come amidst the impasse between Medical Director of Ridge Hospital and the Health Ministry.

A supposed letter addressed to Dr. Anaba directed to him to hand over to the Public Services Commission, three years short of the expiration of his tenure.

thomas winsum anabah greater-accra-regional-hospital-17

Dr. Thomas Anabah

The letter said the directive was from the Health Minister, who has subsequently appointed Dr. Anaba’s predecessor, Emmanuel Kwabla Srofenyoh.

But Dr. Anaba took the letter as a sign of bad faith and insisted it would be impossible to hand over until the necessary arrangements are put in place for his predecessor to assume his role.

He has also threatened to sue the Health Minister for unduly transferring him from his post.

By: Delali Adogla-Bessa/

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