Nationwide blackout hits Ghana

Ghana witnessed a nationwide blackout on Wednesday night.

Giving further explanations on the occurrence,  Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Grid Company (GRIDCO), Mr. William Amuna said: “there was a surge of power around 9:40pm last night; we lost many generators across the country. As a consequence, we lost supply to most parts of the country.”

[contextly_sidebar id=”GgpbIpw4ZZdgnRYKEVzvynGyMAGOa3Pi”]”…We started the restoration programme till about 1 am when we were above 1,000 megawatts but there was a swing in the power system again and we lost some generation but we are in the process of restoring power,” he added.

Asked whether GRIDCO knew the cause of the blackout, Mr. Amuna said : “we would have to go through our system to indicate exactly what happened but the concentration has been on restoring power to the nation.”

Mr. Amuna also confirmed that “this is the second time a nationwide blackout has occurred.”

He however indicated that “almost 50% of the power has been restored” adding that GRIDCO is still working to restore power to the nation.

The lights went off around 9 pm.

The last time a nationwide blackout hit Ghana was in January 2016.

The Electricity Company of Ghana had explained that the problem was due to what it described as a “system collapse.”

By: Marian Ansah/