Chinese Mission caution Ghana over arrest of illegal miners

The Chinese Mission in Ghana has served a strong caution to the Government of Ghana that “it will be extremely harmful to the bilateral relations” between the two countries if there are reports of a casualty during the arrest of Chinese involved in illegal mining in Ghana.

The Mission said government must minimize the mass arrest of illegal miners and deal with culprits on individual basis.

“We think it is very important that any operation against illegal mining should be carried out in line with Ghanaian laws and international recognized norms, the mass arrest and media hype should be minimized, the cases should be dealt with on individual base and the legitimate rights of the miners should be respected,” it said.

The Mission argued that some of the Chinese illegal miners were also victims of fraud and blackmail hence their cases must be holistically looked at by government before taking action.

Anti-galamsey taskforce dragging away an asian believed to be involved in galamsey

Anti-galamsey taskforce dragging away an Asian believed to be involved in galamsey

“Since a great part of Chinese nationals involved in illegal mining are also victims of fraud and blackmail, if casualties are incurred and plundering and looting take place during operation, it will be extremely harmful to the bilateral relations,” it said.

In a letter addressed to the Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, John Peter Amewu, the Mission chastised the media for its coverage on illegal mining in the country, accusing it of being biase and defaming Chinese leaders.

“There are a number of distorted or biased reports and stories on Chinese people, especially some reports and cartoons that are defaming Chinese leaders and senior officials. The Chinese side is very concerned about this unhealthy tendency. We hope that the Ghanaian government will pay due attention to this situation, take the necessary action to stop such things from happening again and guide the media to give an objective coverage on the illegal mining issue so as to create a good environment for further development of our bilateral exchanges and cooperation,” the letter said.

Campaigns against illegal mining in the country have in the last few months intensified with Citi FM championing a #StopGalamseyNow campaign that is gaining momentum, rallying various stakeholders to address the menace which has left devastating effects on the country’s environment.

Evidence from media reports and CSOs, including police arrests, suggest the high involvement of Chinese in the activities, but according to the Chinese mission in the country, its [Chinese] government attaches great important to the illegal mining issue and is firmly against the involvement of Chinese in illegal mining in Ghana.

The mission has further directed the government to furnish it with information on the identity of all Chinese illegal miners and their repatriation information because “this will greatly elevate the mutual trust on both sides and help improve the Chinese side’s work of source control and education campaign.”

It also urged the Minerals Commission to ensure transparency in the approval of mining and prospective mining permits to boost the confidence of Chinese enterprises in the country in gaining permits for their operations.

By: Jonas Nyabor/


  1. I don’t blame the Chinese Government. I blame our corrupt and useless leaders [both past and present] for making us a begging nation whilst we’ve been blessed with every natural resource you can think of.
    Ghana can do away with the Chinese. In fact, they need us more than we need them to buy their ‘fake goods.’
    Arrest them all and make sure to deport and ban them from ever setting their tiny foot in Ghana.

    • Fuck them all…. they should go to their countries to do this not in here

      we need them here if they are on legal jobs but not in the Illegal Galamsey

      Our people are Suffering and we need to to care for their right

      Again if Mr Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo dont take action, I swear he is loosing my vote in 2020 with the people around me

      God Bless Ghana

    • True Talk…… But we must stand on this

    • Proud African (MicahX.J. RIP)

      I agree. We have foolish leaders. We are just seeing the beginnings of Chinese hegemony. They should leave Africa and go away. We don’t need them.

    • Make a deal with the devil and walk the streets of hell. We need African leaders with faith in themselves, not greedy, and with minds that lean toward self sufficiency. This is what happens to people who are always willing to accept favors and freebies. Favors and obligations are first cousins.

  2. Nana Kofi Acquah

    The Chinese Mission is right. Just because we want to end illegal mining doesn’t mean we must do it without respecting basic human rights. I am totally for ending galamsay now but we must end it right.

    • Nana…. you talking of Human Right… They Never care of our people Rights…. if they care of human right they were to know the cause and the damages they are letting our poor citizens facing in their Villages…. their waters all are on risk

  3. We should blame the Chinese immensely without any tolerance and hesitation,they are the sole agents of galamsey.(No African can go to China with such illegal act):that African could be jail life imprisonment without mercy.
    The Chinese should be arrested jail and deport back to China as a clearly indication of our seriousness in this campaign.

    • Of course you can’t do that in China because none of their citizens will indulge you in such depravity. Even at the point of starvation they’ll not violate their lands by inviting you to participate in such careless pollution of their environment. They are sensible.

    • I like you Bros…… Talk of the truth

  4. The current administration should not let the Chinese bully them the way they bullied Mahama only a couple of years ago. Clearly, it had no effect but to allow the problem to grow worse and for the Chinese to gain a greater foothold in the destruction of our precious Ghana. I pray Akufo-Addo shows greater courage and fortitude against China’s unreasonable demands.

  5. If the British Empire in the height of her might and glory could not hold us subservient, why should ordinary China, yesterday’s China, think otherwise? As young as we were then, we opted for self rule instead of being part of a mighty empire, why should China think that it has something to gag us into servitude. We are enjoined to” resist oppressors rule” I call on all well meaning Ghanaians to rise up and resist the Neo-colonialist tendencies of China.
    That we prefer the so called poverty or underdevelopment (by their definition) with the tranquility of our environment, that our rivers, the forest and their wild lives are more valuable to us than their hand outs. That they should be ashamed, to send their citizens to come and loot the so called underdeveloped country to build their country, and turn round to offer what they have looted from us as assistance. So they should go to HELL with their assistance and diplomatic relationship.
    After all, when all is said and done, when our lives here in this beautiful country are over, the only thing we can bequeath to the next generation would be serene environment not Chinese aid.

  6. Proud African (MicahX.J. RIP)

    China, another colonial power on the horizon. Will China allow Africans to carry out such destructive damage to their environment? A Chinese official is calling out for the removal or limiting of Africans in Guangzhou. OK, all Africans should leave China, and all Chinese should leave Africa.

    We don’t need China that will try to turn Africa into Tibet.

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