Ghana Post ICT boss interdicted over embezzlement claims

The management of Ghana Post has interdicted the company’s Head of ICT, Godfred Aboagye, for allegedly embezzling funds of the company.

This follows protests by some workers of Ghana Post against Mr. Aboagye and demands for the removal of the company’s Managing Director and Human Resources for allegedly shielding Mr. Aboagye’s dubious deals.

The workers contend that these deals have caused financial loss to the company and the State.

Ghana post protest

Speaking to Citi News, the Divisional Chairman of Ghana Post, Phoyon Isaac Bruce Mensah, confirmed that Mr. Aboagye had been interdicted, explaining that this meant, “he is on indefinite leave without pay and will hand over all properties of Ghana Post in his care to the management.”

Mr. Mensah, however, indicated that the workers were expecting an arrest to follow the interdiction.

“The first thing we were thinking they could do is that they would interdict him and get him arrested but he has been asked to report to the head of investigations twice a week and he can escape.”

“We will need a forensic audit to be done so that if he is exonerated, fine. But if he is culpable of the offences that we have raised against him then the law must take its course. He should be arrested and then investigations done by an independent body. EOCO [Economic and Organised Crime Office] is there and they can do that. The BNI is there and they can also do that,” he stated.

By: Delali Adogla-Bessa/