An open letter to H.E Nana Akufo-Addo [Article]

On behalf of the youth of Ghana, I wish to congratulate you for your assumption as the 5th President of the 4th Republic. The illustrious youth wish you God’s grace ,wisdom and success in performing the important and responsible duties as the president of our motherland.

As Barack Obama said “nothing can stand in the way of the power of millions of voices calling for change”.

Your Excellency, the youth of Ghana which constitutes about 75 percent rallied massively behind you because the previous government failed to understand the problem face by the youth which among others included unemployment and harsh economic environment that made it difficult to start-up a business.

By the grace of God the voice of the people have been heard and the long awaited change is here, Indeed, His Excellency the youth of this country have spoken, which establishes and gives us hope for a new and expanded youth empowerment horizons to enable us realize our potentials as useful members of the Ghanaian society and have a strong belief that your government will deliver and respond to the needs of all Ghanaians irrespective of political affiliation , ethnicity and gender.

Your resounding victory in last year’s elections shows the level of confidence the citizenry have in you and hope that your carefully selected team which is a good blend of gender, ethnicity and youthful inclusion in governance will transform the economy after four years of servitude which will be a launchpad for another term of office.

I want to take this opportunity to commend you for a competent selection of administrative staff and ministers so far whiles taking into account solutions to the trivial situations we faced as a country such as mismanagement of resources , corruption, dumsor and economic hardship of the people of Ghana in recent times , which resulted in the total rejection of the Mahama-led administration and believe that you will deliver to make Ghana great again.

I have that conviction that you will succeed as one of the best president’s in Africa. Your Excellency, the youth of Ghana believes in your capabilities and integrity because your over 25 years of statesmanship and a forerunner of democratic governance which ensures transparency, equity equality and accountability speaks for itself .

Your incorruptible, competent, ethical,selfless,visionary and passionate nature always comes to mind when leadership is discussed; with your usual slogan “I believe in Ghana” has given the youth of this country the hope and trust in your administration and optimistic that your government will bring comfort to the hopeless in society.

We lost hope in politicians after facing years of unemployment, but we decided to give another chance to the NPP because they have been tried and tested and have the capacity to transform and manage economic crisis.

I strongly believe that your government will lift the ban on public sector employment and also provide an enabling environment for the youth to start their own businesses. Congratulations once again!

May God bless you and give you the strength to make Ghana great again.

By: Kenneth Gyamerah.

Youth Activist

YALI West Africa Fellow.

2017 Associate Fellow of The Royal Commonwealth.

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