Marian Ansah writes: Apology for speech gaffe not enough; sanction writers

Ghana’s 5th President of the 4th Republic, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, was sworn-in on Saturday in a very graceful event. His wonderful speech brought so much inspiration and left Ghanaians in awe until it was later discovered that some portions were lifted from speeches by two former American Presidents.

Some party activists have since the development, sought to offer explanations that I find very shallow and problematic. First of all, the fact that the speech was repeated by several presidents does not give Nana’s speech writers any excuse or reason to lift words from the speech by President Woodrow Wilson (28th President of USA).

A mere apology for that embarrassment that was visited upon us is not enough. There should be sanctions. This gaffe should not be treated with kid gloves especially when our newly sworn-in President is already in the headlines in other countries for the wrong reasons. His reputation has already been dented.

And to those who are complaining that the criticisms are unfair and coming in too early, I wish to remind you that this is what patriotism is all about. We [Ghanaians] cannot go on holidays after Saturday’s elaborate inauguration of the NPP administration. We must support this administration, not only by religiously paying taxes and supporting policies and plans, but also criticizing it when it goes wrong.

A piece of advice to NPP gov’t

Nana Addo came to power with the promise of transforming leadership, zero tolerance for corruption, and open governance. These can only be achieved if the President immediately dismantles the cartels around him who would want to use their proximity to the presidency as a way of enriching their pockets.

The next step is to strike a balance between the huge expectations of Ghanaians (those who voted for him plus those who didn’t) and the realities of the day. This will go a long way in helping the NPP administration prioritize the people’ s needs.

What the NDC should do

On the political front, NDC must also take their new role (minority party) seriously by conducting themselves in a manner that manifests them as a “government in waiting.”

They must play their watchdog role and only accept to go to bed with the majority party in matters or areas that are in the interest of the people of Ghana. They (elements within its rank) must not be seen to be joint-conspirators with elements within the government in matters that only serve to defraud the public.

In conclusion, I wish the new administration all the very best, but the same time, remind them that the honey moon period is over!

It is now time to deliver on their litany of campaign promises besides sorting out the challenges inherited from the NDC administration!

By: Marian Ansah/


  1. Mariam Ansah: It has come as a fact of history that the inaugural speech of the 7th Parliament of the 4th Republic which His Excellency Nana Akufo-Addo Dankwa Akufo delivered 7th January, 2017 carries a huge flaw. The speech refuses to recognize the sources of two quotes that embellish and prop the main message the president seeks to drive home: citizenry by responsibility, and not by subservience.

    Mariam, I do not know where you are coming from, you think. But learn from Obuobi Gregory that learning is an everyday, workaday, non-stop process. We learn exploring from scientifically established sources, which sources must needs be acknowledged; we learn direct from the environment incidents of episodes we are made part of; we learn from inspirations from our own life style and life activitivies give birth to. A mighty lot of revelations and enlightenment come to most people of different generations in space and time that are repetitive schooled by nature. In our bid to impress, perhaps, pushed by such outlandish and devilish developments as we have, unfortunately, been forced to accommodate, which untoward unacceptable occurrences are yet unfolding even before our noses, such errors you define plagiarism drop; and these need to be pointed out and acknowledged. It is only a mark of graceful humility and high intelligence to accept the fact of fallibility, which has received cognizance. The Ghana media houses have pointed to their scholarly wisdom, and we are grateful for it. We are all learning; we do learn every moment of our lives. The negligent drop of those two sources of quotes, we acknowledge, is unfortunate.
    But where are you, Marian Ansah, coming from, you think, with your prescription of penalties for our acknowledged sins of, as you would have us believe, plagiarism?

    We need to talk, don’t we? i was going to refer you to our Professor of Cosmology for our Philosophy course,Dr. Van Hagans; but let me spare you that.

    • Please your English is wack!!! This is not educated Ghanaian English. Your punctuations are wack!!!. In fact you have said nothing.
      Your contribution or comment is highly incompetent

      • I think it only instructive that ATTA YAW YORKE take the trouble to find out the substance of what he has written in response to Obuobi Gregory’s critique; and to try to establish who this GREGORY OBUOBI is.
        Gregory Obuobi is a published, world acclaimed author. His work, SCARS OF A CALABASH MISDEED, a RoseDog publication, is a textbook of English language. It is fiction. It is of the genre Contemporary Fiction in literature. It is a textbook in some colleges in America now! SCARS OF A CALABASH MISDEED belongs to a trilogy:THE PATH TO FREEDOM. The other two titles that make this trilogy are THE FREAK and THE SPLIT. Scars of a Calabash Misdeed by Gregory Obuobi has a sequel. It is called THE SPLIT ABSOLUTE. These are all brought to book print. Please go to, THE SIBSTER PUBLISHERS LTD website.
        Gregory is a world distinguished academic journalist. Gregory Ofei Obuobi, the published author, edits and publishes and owns THE SIBSTER FILE JOURNAL – a news and culture magazine readers in Ghana are yet to be blessed with.
        Find out how many people in Ghana, even in the Ghana academic circle, know Gregory Yaw Ofei Obuobi.

      • We do not put up with cases of psychosis, and irresponsible illiteracy in our field, Mr. Atta Yaw Yorke. Let me throw you a challenge a second time: find out about the ‘element’ whose post you seem challenged to challenge.

      • ‘Your punctuations are wack!!!’
        What is the level of your command of the English language, Mr. Atta Yaw Yorke? What type of English are blessed by your education to speak and write, Mr. Atta Yaw Yorke? And can you tell the world the level of education, and in what, that your person owns?
        Mr. Yaw Atta Yorke, what is the ‘educated Ghanaian English’? Can you define this for the world, your perception of the ‘educated Ghanaian English’?
        Tell us, Atta, what do you do for a living? What is your profession?

      • How much English grammar has this gentleman studied? What solid grammarians of the English language can he quote off head. He mentions punctuation marks he finds ‘wack’. Whoever it is who edits postings on Citi 97.3 FM should do well to find out how much grammar Atta Yaw Yorke has ever studied his whole life. Has he ever studied English language to any appreciable level?
        Obuobi Gregory did kindergarten English under the supervision of a Vice-Chancellor of London University, and managed to get the Vice-Chancellor mark his assignment once.

      • Does Atta Yaw Yorke has any claim to any education at all? What standard of English does Mr Atta Yaw Yorke’s educated Ghana have? What is Atta Yaw Yorke’s own level of English? Note I have advisedly omitted standard.What draws this element into this row he has provoked? Does he, per chance, have for a relation Journalist Efe Marian Ansah? In what field of study can this demonstrate any competence?

  2. What is Mariam Ansah attempting to query, you think? It is simply the fact that the authors supposed to have worded what quotes the President carries in his maiden speech to the nation and to the world at large glosses over the mention of the names of the supposed said authors. Period, It is neither here nor there for other heads of state having before the President Nana Akufo-Addo Dankwa Akufo alluded to the said quotes. This is absolutely immaterial in context here. Mariam sounds absolutely ridiculous to me for bringing in the bit she thinks bastardizes the speech. It is the relevance the quotes carries to our context that induced The President referring to them at all in his inaugural speech. Nothing more; nothing less!
    What ‘sanctions’ would Mariam Ansah, in her educated wisdom, bring to punish the speech? Mention your penalty for the perceived crime committed for the world to hear. Mariam Ansah….PLAGIARISM!
    The little said about other mad-caps in our argument on this issue the better. These need to learn to think constructively…objectively.

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