Mahatma Ghandi’s statue at Legon defaced

Photo credit: Emmanuel Dzivenu/Radio Univers
Photo credit: Emmanuel Dzivenu/Radio Univers

The Mahatma Ghandi statue at the University of Ghana campus, Legon, has been defaced.

This comes few weeks after some senior members of the University petitioned the institution’s council to pull down the statue.

The action is believed to have taken place under the cover of darkness on Monday.


No individual or group has come out to claim responsibility for the action yet; but it is believed it may have been carried out by some unknown supporters of the #GhandiMustFall movement.

Photo credit: Emmanuel Dzivenu/Radio Univers

Photo credit: Emmanuel Dzivenu/Radio Univers

Photos available to shows the statue has its eyeglasses removed.

 Pull down ‘racist’ Gandhi’s statue from Legon’

A former Director of the Institute of African Studies, Professor Akosua Adomako Ampofo, in September started a campaign demanding the removal of the statue of Indian independence icon, Mahatma Gandhi, from the University of Ghana campus.

Prof Adomako Ampofo together with another academic at the Institute of African Studies at the University of Ghana, Dr. Obadéle Kambon, urged members of the University of Ghana Council to heed to the petition arguing among other things that, Gandhi was racist against black people and honoring him sets the wrong example for students.

‘Pulling down Gandhi’s statue unnecessary’

But, Ghana’s former High Commissioner to India, Professor Mike Ocquaye, has described as unnecessary demands for the demolition of the statue.

According to the professor of political science and lawyer, a decision to demolish the statue might have implications on diplomatic ties between Ghana and India.

So far, the university authorities have not commented on the matter, and have also not responded to the petitioners.

But it appears some unknown persons in support of the call, may want to take the law into their hands, by gradually destroying the statue.

By: Jonas Nyabor/

  • allos316

    It’s the title, but the article doesn’t tell us how the statue was ‘defaced’?
    What’s the green stuff in the photos? Is there corrosion? Is there irreparable damage?

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