Former Miss Ghana Brigitte Dzogbenuku named Nduom’s running-mate

The flagbearer of the Progressive People’s Party (PPP), Papa Kwesi Nduom, has named Executive Director of Mentoring Women Ghana (MWG), Brigitte Dzogbenuku as his running mate for the elections in December.

Brigitte lives and works in Accra, running her for-profit business, Barclays Clubhouse, in addition to her non-profit organisation.

She is an accomplished entrepreneur who ran her own public relations and events management company – Protocol Ventures.

Dr. Nduom has consistently emphasised the need for jobs in his campaign for the presidency and Brigitte, with her accomplishments appears to be a logical fit for the PPP presidential candidate.

About Brigitte Dzogbenuku

Brigitte served as the General Manager of Aviation Social Centre, a fitness and recreational centre in Accra, for twelve years and revolutionalised the fitness and training regime for Ghanaians.

She writes constantly as well and pens a regular column, ‘Manners Matter’, in the Ghanaian Weekly and the Mirror.

She also served with Ashanti Goldfields Company Limited as Liaison Officer on the Geita Project in Tanzania at the Dar-Es-Salaam office.  She also worked with SC Johnson Wax as a Brands Manager.

Brigitte first came into the limelight when she won the Miss Ghana competition in 1991.

She is a Board Member of Enactus Ghana

Nduom, PPP

Nduom confirmed

About 3,000 delegates of the PPP converged at the venue for the Convention.

The party endorsed Nduom at their 3rd national convention at the Trade Fair Centre in Accra.

Job creation key

Papa Kwesi Nduom called on all Ghanaians to vote for the PPP come November as they were the only party with a proven track record in job creation even in opposition.

According to him, jobs are what the country needs at the moment and he, as head of Groupe Nduom, which has created jobs across the country, was the best person to ensure they are created.

“Everyone knows the problem is job creation. The PPP’s the only party that can point to the experience of its leaders. Hope and prosperity are coming. Poverty is going away,” he said.

“We have reached a point in Ghana where we should begin to talk about competency, ability, can this person do the job or not? If you own a store and want an accountant to sit there and count your money for you every day, you don’t go round and find the most popular person. You want the best person, the one who has the accounting skills to do the job for you,” Dr. Nduom said on the Citi Breakfast Show.

PPP causes a stir in 2012

Dr. Nduom broke away from the CPP, where he served as flagbearer in 2008, to found the PPP in 2012.

The party surprised everyone when it polled about 64,362 votes representing 0.59% of the votes cast, only behind the NDC and NPP.


By: Edwin Kwakofi/