Montie FM contempt suit adjourned to July 18

The Supreme Court has adjourned the contempt case against owners of Accra-based radio station, Montie FM and three others to  July 18, 2016.

A Ghanaian citizen Edward Addo, appeared in court today [Tuesday], indicating that  he was representing the  rest  of the owners of the company.

His announcement did not go down well with the apex court justices leading to the presiding judge Sophia Akuffo, indicating that, since the case was a quasi criminal one, it was odd to be seeing only a representative of the owners instead of the persons themselves appearing before them.

Responding to the concerns of the Justices, Lawyer for the owners, Nana Ato Dadzie, explained that the owners of the station, Network Broadcasting Limited, and all the directors apart from Mr. Edward Addo, were all out of the country.

The court therefore adjourned the case to the 18th of July 206, for  the rest of the directors to appear before them for the hearing to proceed.

The court in a letter last Thursday, asked the owners to explain why they should not be “committed to prison for contempt of court, for scandalizing the court, defying and lowering the authority of the court, and bringing the authority of the court into disrepute.”

CJ, Gbadegbe step down from Montie FM contempt case 

Prior to the hearing, the Chief Justice,  Georgina Theodora Wood, and another  judge of the Supreme Court, Sulley Gbadegbe, stepped down from the panel.

According to them, they did so because their names were specifically mentioned in the comments of the three people facing the contempt charges. The two judges were replaced by Justice Sophia Akuffo and Justice Julius Ansah.

By: Marian Ansah/Fred Djabanor/

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