Ashaiman NDC Parliamentary aspirant cautions political opponents

NDC Parliamentary Candidate for Ashaiman, Ernest Norgbey.

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) Parliamentary Candidate for Ashaiman, Ernest Norgbey, has advised his political opponents and their assigns to concentrate on their campaign as the November 7 elections will not be won by badmouthing others.

According to Mr. Norgbey, since the NDC primary in November 2016, there have been several attempts by his political opponents to run him down and shift his focus from the core issues that the people of Ashaiman are confronted with by making unwarranted and unfounded allegations.

Mr. Norgbey said this in an interview with some journalists in Ashaiman.

[contextly_sidebar id=”VXiwMGWTQrAlchmaYwS6iRlYArQLMxx6″]He said he as a person is not perturbed by some infantile comments being made by his political opponents, but rather he is focused on his set target.

“I am not moved by the infantile comments made by my political opponents and detractors, but I am more concerned about that numerous issues that confront my constituents.”

He said what Ashaiman needs is not rhetoric from any politician but real action.

“My Party the NDC and my President, His Excellency John Mahama, are walking the talk by solving the numerous challenges confronting my people and I as a newly elected candidate am also playing my complementary role to ensure that I and my party win convincingly in the forthcoming General elections.”

Mr. Norgbey used the opportunity to advice aides of the NPP Parliamentary candidate to rather channel their strength in dealing with their party problems rather than seeking cheap political attention by attacking his personality and credibility.

“It is laughable how people would want to ride on the shoulders of others to gain attention. I have read how attempts have been made by an aide of the NPP Parliamentary candidate, one Mutala Mohammed to attack my credibility and personality in a bid to attract attention for his failing and unpopular candidate. I would want to advice the said gentleman to rather channel his strength to engaging the people of Ashaiman in a door to door campaign since it could at least earn them a single vote probably.”

He added that, no matter the amount of scheming and machinations being plotted against him, he is sure of emerging victorious come November 7.

“I want to assure my people that operation 85,000 votes for the NDC is on course and nothing will divert the focus. I will not allow political opponents who have no message for the people to use me as a springboard to gain attention and popularity.”

Mr. Norgbey stated emphatically that, the NPP candidate in Ashaiman has nothing to offer the people of Ashaiman and so are his aides hence the tactics of personality attacks.

“The Ashaiman NPP from all indications has no message and I want to send a strong signal to them to either zip their mouth or throw in the towel ahead of the November 7 General elections. I will not give Mutala Mohammed and his candidate the luxury to ride on me for fame and recognition.”

He called on the people of Ashaiman to reject the NPP by giving the NDC a resounding victory come November 7th.


The Ashaiman Constituency has since 1992 been occupied by the NDC, except in 2004, when the current MP, Alfred Agbesi lost the seat to the NPP’s Enoch Teye.

Mr. Agbesi however returned in 2008 to reclaim the seat and has held it till date.

By: Elvis Washington/