Songtaba builds girls’ capacities to fight abuses as it marks 10th anniversary

Songtaba, a non-governmental organization operating in the Northern Region, says it is currently building the capacity of about 1,948 girls to be confident and challenge abuses. The NGO announced this at the launch of a week-long event to mark its 10th anniversary in Bimbilla.

Songtaba, a women and children’s rights organization, which aims at fighting for the rights of women and children, was formed in 2005, but legally registered in 2006.

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It has over the years been working with the alleged witches in the various witches camps dotted around the Northern Region by advocating for government’s support to alleviate the worsening situation of the alleged witches resulting in the disbandment of the Bonyashe witches camp.

The NGO has brought about 25 organisations and individuals together to work on women and children’s rights to drive a common voice.

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Songtaba has created an enabling environment to include the vulnerable, the voiceless in decision making and participation on issues affecting them. It is working with the human rights approach by enabling the vulnerable to realize the real causes of their impoverishment and advocate for government’s support in alleviating the situation of the alleged witches in Ghana.

The Programme Coordinator of Songtaba, Madam Lamnatu Adam, said the NGO over the years has chalked several successes.

Programme Coordinator of Songtaba, Madam Lamnatu Adam.

Programme Coordinator of Songtaba, Madam Lamnatu Adam.

“Songtaba has been able to liberate about 285 girls who were forced into marriages and subsequently sent back to school and it’s currently building the capacity of about 1,948 girls to be confident and challenge abuses. We have over 380 community volunteers who have been strengthened to assist to mobilize and strengthen alleged witches to demand for their rights to basic amenities, and have so far reintegrated about 159 women back to their societies. We have also supported over 1,586 women small holder farmers.”

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Songtaba has been working with ActionAid Ghana and together, they have implemented three projects. It is currently managing five foreign volunteers to support its programmes.

On challenges, Madam Lamnatu mentioned the lack of peace in the region and in the Nanumba North district in particular, as a major challenge affecting the smooth implementation of Songtaba projects.

She also bemoaned the lack of inadequate funds for Songtaba to be able to effectively carry out some of its planned activities, and thus called on benevolent and other philanthropic organizations and individuals to support them.

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