Tampulmas to sue Gonjaland Traditional Council

The Tampulma ethnic group in the North Gonja district of the Northern region has served notice of taking court action against the Gonjaland Traditional Council over its failure to recognize Tampulmas as citizens of Gonjaland.

According to the group’s Spokesperson, Amadu Latif, there would be a street protest ahead of the court action to back their request for recognition.

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Amadu Latif said the Tampulmas have been overly marginalized regarding the Yagbon-Wura’s failure to approve Kadicharitina Musah Mahamadu II as paramount chief representing the Tampulma communities at the Gonjaland Traditional Council.

This concern was raised at a news conference held in Tamale where Amadu Latif stated, “we the chiefs and people of the Tampulma ethnic group feel cheated and marginalized for far too long. We have noted with grave concern that his Royal Majesty the Yagbon-Wura demonstrated at the last Gonjaland Traditional Council meeting held at Damongo on March 1st, 2016 that he do appreciate our plight as a people.”

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“We wish to state that the Tampulma ethic group have lived in our ancestral land in North Gonja District of the Northern Region. We are made up of about 80% in the Gonjaland District estimated between 250,000 to 300,000 persons across the length and breadth of Ghana.”

“The Tampulma as an ethnic group requires identity as a sovereign ethnic group juts as any other ethnic group in Ghana and not as an extension or part of any other ethnic group, a feat that can only be achieved under a recognized paramount chief,” he remarked.

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Amadu Latif emphasized, “we the chiefs and people of the Tampulma ethnic group as citizens of Ghana deserve to be recognized as an independent ethnic group under the Gonjaland Traditional Kingdom. It is our constitutional right under the 1992 constitution of Ghana. We want to exist as an independent ethnic group and to be recognized as such.”

He explained that their request for the acknowledgement of Kadicharitina Musah Mahamadu II as representative of the Tampulma ethnic group at the Gonjaland Traditional Council would not usurp the powers of the Wasipe-Wura.

“We are aware that our request for this recognition is always a threat to the Wasipe-Wura who is currently ruling the area. So much as we would continue to respect the authority of the King of Gonja Traditional Kingdom we would also urge His Royal Majesty to stamp his authority on the fact that the Tampulmas deserve to have their own chief who must be a Tampulma by birth.”

He gave the assurance that, “When we the Tampulmas are granted that recognition as an independent ethnic group and an approval given our leader Kadicharitina Musah Mahamadu II as a paramount chief we would not only contribute immensely to the development of the entire Gonja Kingdom but also have the opportunity to speak a common voice and the right to be heard. We believe in development in freedom, we are committed to peace in the Gonjaland Traditional Area.”

He assured the overlord of Gonjaland saying, “We wish to assure His Royal Majesty the Yagbon-Wura that we will continue to be law abiding citizens and we resolve to continue to pursue this request in a peaceful manner devoid of violence and rancor while hoping that His Royal Highness the Yagbon-Wura in consultation with the chieftaincy secretariat will use their good offices to grant us this important request.”

Some major Tampulma communities in the North Gonja District include Mankarigu, Sakpege, Wawa, Gurubagu, Lingbinsi, Disa, Singa, Tari No 1&2, Gbasimpa No 1&2, Tienbang, Nanbiengu, Salugu, Yagbum, Kpariya and Dankoh.

By: Abdul Karim Naatogmah/

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