AMERI power plant begins commercial operations

The AMERI power plant has began full commercial operations.

The power plant which commenced operations yesterday is expected to add some 250 MegaWatts of power to the national grid.

The plant was initially expected to be commissioned on September 2015 but suffered a temporary setback as civil works on the compacted platform for the plant was not completed.

Communication’s consultant at the Ministry of Power Edward Bawa tells Citi Business News the country’s power generation capacity is progressing steadily.

“Yesterday they declared that they have begun commercial operations which mean the plant is now available providing power. You know the installed capacity is just 250 megawatts. But we acknowledge that the plant will not produce the exact 250 megawatts it might be less depending on a lot of factors but the good news is that they are connected to the national grid.”

By: Norvan Acquah – Hayford/

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