ECG systems collapse causes nationwide Dumsor

Most parts of the country are without electricity after a total systems collapse on Thursday morning according to the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG).

The incident happened around 5:24 am when ECG noticed a systems collapse in Accra.

[contextly_sidebar id=”PHBIJuKKvxOuavfspy2rK4x55ZPbrJC7″]Later it was communicated that Tema was also off, after which GRIDCO systems control centre confirmed that there was a systems collapse to Accra and Tema.

It is unclear how soon the problem will be resolved but a representative of ECG told Citi News their engineers are working assiduously to resolve the situation.

“We’ve just been informed by our engineers that there is a system collapse so all our lines are down which we are actually working on to resolve and restore power.”

He said “all our lines are down, its nationwide. As at now we unable to tell the particular time we will be able to finish work to restore power but we are working on it.”

Systems collapse usually occurs when a generator is lost suddenly or a new generator is being added to the main power stream.

It also sometimes occurs when load increases or reduces suddenly for various reasons.

General faults can also cause systems failure when power is being transmitted from source.

Some listeners of Citi FM took to Twitter to express their displeasure.



No load shedding in 2016

Meanwhile, the Load Shedding Committee last week announced that the country has not witnessed any load shedding in the last one month and is enjoying power supply in excess of about 6%.

The Chairman of the Load shedding Management Committee and CEO of the Gahan Grid Network (GRIDCO) William Amuna, attributed the achievement to the coming on stream of a number of power generation plants.

“I’d want to confirm here that close to a month now, we have not called for any load to be shed in the country. Normally, GRIDCO would have to make a study, look at the demand and supply situation and inform the load management committee, then ECG will be called upon to execute the load that will be shed. But I’m happy to say that close to a month now the document GRIDCO sends to the load management committee indicates load shedding; zero for ECG, zero for NEDCO and zero for industry which means that we are not shedding load at all,” he remarked.

By: Godwin A. Allotey/