Save us from collapse – Local cement manufacturers cry out

The  Association of  Cement  Manufacturers in Ghana is calling for an urgent  intervention  from government to  save the industry  from collapse.

The manufacturers lament the influx of imported bagged cement coupled with a reduction in freight value of the product is detrimental to their business.

In their bid to get their concerns addressed, they have petitioned the Ministry of Trade, Tariff Advisory  Board  and  the Commissioner  of the  Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority.

Their petition comes on the back of a recent demonstration by the youth of Aflao over similar concerns.

Speaking on the Citi Breakfast Show, Chairman of the Cement Manufacturers Association of Ghana, Rev. Dr. George Dawson Amoah, said the local industry needs  to be protected in order for them to be sustained.

“How do you encourage a local industry to expand and to invest then you keep a blind eye and encourage what we call imports? If the private sector is the engine of growth, then why don’t we encourage the private sector here in Ghana to utilize its capacity? he quizzed.

“If the Chinese government is actually subsidizing and even giving discounts for them to actually import into their country, then it is also an issue because the problem is that, then what safe measures are putting in place as a country to protect the local industry?”

Cement producers in the country particularly Diamond Cement, which has its factory in Aflao, has expressed concern about the influx of imported Dagonte cement into the country.

Angry  youth in Aflao recently demonstrated against the government’s seeming silence warning the trend could threaten their jobs and livelihood since they could be laid off due to unfair competition to their local employer.

By: Marian Ansah/

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  1. Is it morally just to steal from one, to give the stolen loot to another? Of course not. The Golden Rule, at the heart of good morals is: Treat others the way you want to be treated yourself. Do you want to be stolen from, or would you rather be secure in your property and possessions? Then don’t advocate theft. At its core, it’s immoral to force non-consumers to pay through higher taxes for what other consumers are going to use. And when government meddles in the market, picking winners and losers, we all become the loser eventually. Subsidizing a weak business does not make it stronger. In a way it’s like how a bone in a cast will become weaker if left in place too long. If there’s a much cheaper option, then perhaps locally this has become an obsolete industry and it’s time for the workers to re-tool their personal skillset. But by all means don’t be like these guys in this video, asking for the government to support obsolete industries.

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