‘Cancer’ Palm oil scare: Consumers reduce intake


Four days after the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) issued an alert about some adulterated palm oil on the market, some consumers have suspended buying palm oil foods.

The FDA on Monday revealed that some vendors of palm oil in ten markets in Accra it visited, had adulterated their products with a cancerous substance, Sudan IV also known as sudee.

Some consumers who spoke to Citi News’ Farida Shaibu at some restaurants, called on the FDA to be more precise with their findings so they will be guided.

At a popular food joint at Adabraka, a worker named Debora said “I have been eating ampesi and kontonmire stew mostly for lunch because that is my favorite; but since I heard the news, I have now diverted to rice,” she said.

“I don’t think I am ever going to eat palm oil again because I am scared to get cancer. I only wish authorities will come up with some mechanisms so that we can differentiate when we go to the market.”

Some consumers also complained about how the situation has distorted their choices of food.

“My colleagues at the office have all been affected because we mostly buy food outside; but now we are all running away from palm oil. As you can see, we have queued up for kokonte and groundnut soup, no more kontonmire stew,” a gentleman lamented.

However, some customers told Citi News they are unperturbed about the reports.

According to them, they cannot differentiate between adulterated and unadulterated palm oil on the market, so until authorities come up with pragmatic solutions to curb the menace, they have no choice but to eat what they feel like eating anytime.

“I am not married and I can’t say I won’t eat from outside. All I can do is to pray to God to keep me away from these poisonous foods,” said another gentleman.

Meanwhile, a beans seller, Daavi Rebecca, said although she buys authentic palm oil from the village for her beans, people are still scared to eat food cooked with palm oil.

“The news has really affected our business. Just yesterday, someone came to be me to ask whether I also use the ‘sudee palm oil’.

Daavi said “It seems a lot of people are scared to eat but I want to assure them that some of us still use genuine oil. I have been in this business for 20 years and I know the difference” she insisted.

By: Farida Shaibu/