Confirmed: Kyeiwaa divorces ‘lying husband’ after just 4 days

Kyeiwaa and her now Ex Husband.

Some have actually described Kyeiwaa’s four-day marriage a mere movie script than a real life experience.

However, the popular local Ghanaian Actress aged 52, has confirmed that she indeed got married to a man she fell in love with but has been forced to end the marriage because she has been deceived.

“I have never liked married men. He was not truthful; so when i realized he had a wife, i decided to exit.”

The marriage, which had all the hype in the Ghanaian media landscape, could perhaps pass for the shortest marriage ever in the history of the country.

Confirming the divorce in an interview with Accra-based Kasapa FM, Rose Mensah, a.k.a Kyeiwaa, said she decided not to pay attention to rumors of infidelity against her now ex-husband, Daniel Osei because she thought the claims were untrue.

Kyeiwaa said she thought she could rather benefit from the negative publicity, only for her to confirm through her own investigations that the rumours were was true.

“I still gave him the benefit of doubt. I still did not want to believe it was true that he had a wife. I thought I was going to benefit from the negative PR. But it turned out days later that everything people were saying was the truth.”

As reported on Thursday, Kyeiwaa has ended her less than a week’s romantic relationship with Daniel Osei, the Kumasi-based Spare Parts dealer popularly known as American Man.

It comes after some local actors and actresses, accompanied Kyeiwaa to Osei’s residence on Thursday to seek for divorce.

Hours before that, it emerged that Osei rented a crowd who represented him as family at Saturday’s ceremony.

“He did not show any sign that he had a wife. We dated for a year. I trusted him but he chose to betray me. He is very cunning. The way he is, he can easily get you to fall for him. I met him on the streets of Kumasi. I knew he had a child but he assured me that he had not engaged her. So it came to me as a shock that he had actually married her legally,” Kyeiwaa narrated.


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