Plastic manufactures reject plastic ban

Plastic manufactures and recycling companies have rejected moves by government to temporary ban plastics in the country.

[contextly_sidebar id=”theecpsy0rIoA0tNpYlGfSx8kZ3o28kv”]According to the plastic manufactures and recycling companies a total ban on the use of plastic materials in the country is not the only solution to the growing problem of plastic waste in the country.

Their comment comes after President John Dramani Mahama warned that Ghana may ban the use of plastics if producers fail to manage plastic waste.

Speaking to Citi Business News President and Chief Executive Officer of Enviroplast Company Limited, manufacturers of polythene products, Yiadom B. Kessie said the issue is properly disposing of plastics and not banning them.

He adds that the MMDA’s regulations on disposing of plastics must be enforced.

“The fact of the matter is we cannot leave life on auto pilot where everybody does what they like. If you ban plastics and replace it with another material and we litter around the same problem will happen again. What they have to do is ensure that they use the money they collect through the taxes we pay to create employment and also enforce city ordinances to ensure that we don’t litter and if they do will ensure that punitive punishment are taken against them.”

According to him once the district, metropolitan and municipal assemblies are able to institute measures to clear plastic waste of the streets the recycling plants are ready to receive them to recycle them.

Meanwhile Citi Business News has gathered government through the Ministry of Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation has agreed with the plastic manufacturing and recycling companies to produce only biodegradable plastics in the country since biodegradable plastics can decompose easily unlike ordinary plastics.

By:  Norvan Acquah – Hayford/