Water crisis in Ho hits Ola Girls school hard

Students of Ola Girls Senior High School are bearing the brunt of a recent water shortage in Ho as they besieged homes and car washing bays for water during school hours.

Dozens of the girls leave their classrooms and hit the streets and homes in the Ho Municipality in search of water which has been in short supply for a about a week now.

The students usually led by some of their teachers were seen carrying all kinds of containers during the search.

The few who were lucky queued up at a car washing bays to fill their containers with the water gushing out from the water hose.

According to the teachers the school has not faced severe water shortage of this kind in over 16 years.

They lamented that the only borehole in  school has also gone dry hence the decision to allow the students to search for water from homes in the municipality.

Speaking to citnews, the Assistant Headmaster Mr. Samuel Ayisah lamented that although it was not their wish to send the children out there in search of water, the crises called for it.

He explained that although the teachers have donated their stored water, there has been an increased demand for water by students.


‘’I know they are not safe but when the sea goes dry, we go by land; that’s the situation. As you can see, the girls need water to bath and others need to change their toiletries.’’

He added that measures are put in place to ensure the safety of the girls as they search for water and they expect Ghana Water Company to supply water to the municipality soon.

‘’We didn’t not allow them to go too much into town; we leased with some homes to donate some water to them whiles we make sure they are safe.’’


The Municipality has been hit by the water crisis following a system breakdown at the treatment plant in Kpeve.

Meanwhile a philanthropist Edwin Tukpeyi who was moved by the plight of the students arranged for some water to be supplied to the school to alleviate the situation.

By: Godwin Allotey Akweiteh/

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