#HeritageMonth2015: Ghana is ready for a female President – Elizabeth Ohene

This edition of the Heritage Month Series discusses the role of women in Ghana’s political history.

Madam Elizabeth Ohene, former Minister of State and ace journalist, talked about her experiences at the Graphic Communications as Editor, Government of Ghana and the hurdles that women in #Ghana have had to deal with to get to this point.

She also shines the light on some women whose contribution to nation building has to be celebrated.

Asked whether she thinks Ghanaians are ready for a female president, she told Kojo Akoto Boateng that she thinks Ghanaians are indeed ready.

“I think Ghanaians are ready for a female president. Because what are they looking for? What are Ghanaians looking for? They are looking for someone who can manage their affairs well. I think that’s all they are looking for and as far as that goes they know a female can manage as well as a male,” she said.

Listen and download the full episode below:

By: Kojo Akoto Boateng/

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