I will ‘banish dumsor forever’ – Mahama

President John Mahama

President John Mahama has given a firm assurance that his government will end the erratic power supply in the country in 2015.

He said the current power crisis which is popularly referred to as “dumsor-dumsor” will be banished in the course of the year.

The President made these remarks when he addressed the congregation of the Perez Chapel during the 31 December watch night service.

“Now this is the interesting part; it [2015] will be one in which we will banish darkness from our land and put an end to dumsor forever,” he said.

The energy situation in the country has worsened in the last two years, prompting the government to put in place some measures to solve the challenges.

Power plants and dams have been built to augment power supply but the challenges still persist.

Business and households have been adversely affected by the situation but the government is hopeful the issues will soon be resolved.

Several projections by energy experts and industry players suggest that the current energy crisis is likely to worsen this year.

But the new Power Minister has promised to end the crisis within the first six months of 2015; a promise many deem impossible.

President Mahama is also confident that the crisis will end this year.

Addressing the congregation, the President said: “The year 2015 will be one filled with fruitfulness, joy, peace, good health and development.”

He pledged to commit the leadership of the nation to God and promised to work “hard for my nation and I ask for a similar commitment from you.”

According to him, if every Ghanaian works hard with “integrity and excellence,” the nation will experience significant development.

“Let us all commit to be each other’s keeper and to know that through the hand we offer our neighbours, we are indirectly uplifting our dear country to greater heights,” he advised.


By: Efua Idan Osam/


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  1. Mr president if you think you will use this dumsor as a political advantage in 2016 then you are deceiving your self. The billions of dollars your government has borrowed plus the taxes you have collected need to reflect in what it was intended for and our daily well being. We had numerous issues to deal with when your government told us you can fix it. Do I need to list those problems to you? no, but when you look around you, you will see the same problems are there and getting worse. The electricity problem was just “by the way problem”. I’ve realize that your government and party are trying to play cheap politics by suggesting that if you solve the dumsor then you will win the election, if that is your plan then I wish you bad luck in your political career. Infact as a developing country we will occasionally experience power management because we are constantly growing our industries etc so our power management will never be over your job is to plan the management to make sure that it doesn’t affect as it has by gradually adding to it. stop looking for confirmation and solve basic simple problems Abaa!!

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