[Video] Nanny caught on camera abusing toddler


Horrifying video of how a nanny was caught on camera maltreating a toddler. This happened in Uganda after the parents of the little girl installed a hidden camera in the living room to monitor what happens in their absence.

Watch the video below…

WARNING: The content of the video is disturbing


  • Jonathan Dodoo

    Honestly this nanny needs to be prosecuted and jailed for maltreating the toddler she’s taking care of in such a manner, this is very disturbing. She’s a barbarian!

  • priscilla

    seriously tat nanny need to rod in jail forever,so heartless,i just hope the kid live after tat heavy kicking of the nanny.hmm,is serious.

    • Pierre Ben

      Looking nicer Lady

  • Guest

    seriously…this heartless nanny need to rot in jail ,hope the kid lives after tat heavy kick hmm this is serious.

  • John PAul Beyuo

    This is a terrible cruelty on the part of this lady. She is heartless.

  • Yaw


  • allen olayiwola

    When you advise people to get security cameras in their houses, they keep giving excuses and nagging! Well here is a very good reason to get one now!

  • Seyram Agudu

    After several hours of crying and feeling sad for this baby girl who is about the same age as my daughter, I decided to put my big girl pants on and do something about it. Help rescue abused children and prevent future abuses. go to International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect

  • perry

    Dis is seriously inhuman. She’s heartless, jux a baby,omg. Da parents shd really take action. Dats a demon in disguise. I hope da baby is in gud health now. God have mercy

  • Shamarrae Mackey

    PEOPLE If you have to leave a secret camera around to monitor the nanny: DON’T LEAVE THE CHILD WITH THEM! By the time you see the video, guess what? It’s already too late. Never leave a child alone with someone you do not trust, especially if you don’t personally know them!

    On a side note, I hope and pray that the baby girl is alright man. This video right here makes me just wanna hurt some-dang-body. SMDH.

  • Courtney Short-Prudhomme

    Does ANYONE know if the baby is OK?

    • guest

      The baby is ok…The nanny is in a wheelchair with a feeding tube in prison. The Dad beat the brakes off that bitch. She is charges with attempted murder.

      • Monaliza

        she must be a bloody mentally retarded woman to treat an innocent baby this way. Such women should be killed if we want to make this world a better place for kids

  • Wamaruga

    this is insane!!! I pray that the baby is okay and I hope that this nanny is torn from limb to limb. sub human scum.

  • Wamaruga

    Does anyone know where is happened?

    • Jacqueline

      In Luzira, Uganda. It is a suburb of the capital city of Kampala. This little girl died. She was buried in Kampala. her name was Ryan.

      • POP hold it down

        Nah! Wrong baby here’s the article for the baby Ryan you’re speaking of has nothing to do with this vicious video.

        • Jacqueline

          You’re right I got them mixed up. Thanks I deleted my comment!

          • POP hold it down

            Oh you’re welcome! Have a Merry Christmas!!

    • POP hold it down

      It happened in Uganda but I cant seem to find an update on the little girl to see if she was ok or not.

  • Fifi Forson

    i will bury this woman alive if that was ma kid

  • Jacqueline

    They sell guns at Walmart!!!!! Can somebody PLEASE tell me if this little girl is okay because the headline said where she was buried and that only means one thing. Anyone know????

  • Jacqueline

    Below the link to the video this is what it says<—-Nov 21, 2014 · Horrifying video of how a nanny was caught on camera maltreating a toddler. … ‘Baby Ryan’ buried in Kampala after Uganda uproar;

  • Kaz

    This case and the case of Baby Ryan aren’t the same thing. In the case of this baby, all reports say the child is in hospital and doing well.
    Baby Ryan is a todler who was run over by a council vehicle in Kampala which cause an uproar.

    • Jacqueline

      Your right. i got them mixed up. Thanks I deleted my comment.

    • Jacqueline

      I was trying to find an article to read about what happen to this little girl to see if she was okay & what consequences the nanny was facing because it said that she has been reprimanded. I wanted to know how she was reprimanded becuz she needs a lot more then to just be reprimanded. Also, I wanted to hear from the parents but I couldn’t find anything on this, no article or nothing. I’m in America so its not coming up when I goggle it. Do you have a link or anything? Thanks

  • Kwasi Frimpong

    I wept when I watched the video last night. That nanny deserves capital punishment or a longer jail sentence.

  • Ssebakijje Dan

    Pliz House girls have a human heart! treat children as gifts from God!!! This video is an eye opener to me, with the fact that there is another silent abuse of other toddlers where the cameras don’t reach!

    • 2lassie3

      The same would apply to the millions of babies that are murdered at abortion clinics.

  • weby

    most disturbing i ever seen. Not suitable for viewer under age under 50, hell make that age 1000

  • weby

    shoot the bitch in the head. No punishment seem enough for this kind of monster

  • gory jessica

    Can God just let me see dis nanny one on one… Heaven knws i will kill her slowly…

  • Damien Jacques Du Toit


  • george wilson

    May this bitch die in great pain and may God punish and help us know those who does like that to all kids. May God protect our kids always; Amen!

  • The Avenger

    This is the fitting punishment I prescribe for this evil nanny. Take her to a rural area, slaughter a cow and when the cow hide is still wet, undress her then wraop her head to toe in the wet cowhide. Tie the hide tightly and leave her in the sun for a week. I am certain after the week she will have answered to her ancestors or to God depending on her beliefs. Leave the wicked carcass for the vultures. Burn the bones whenever afterwards. I sound cruel but the nanny deserves worse than this punishment.

  • The Avenger

    Im a grown man and have seen death in many places including the genocide in Rwanda, the war victims in Angola, Somali, murder in aperthied South Africa, Bosnia and other areas in the world but this video made me cry. I cannnot remember when I last cried until today. I could not hold myself together. A quick death or prison are not fitting for this nanny. Stonning could just give her an idea of the pain she visited on that toddler. Ugandans you need to take some action. Stonning or the cowhide treatment. Do something to deter future or current abuses of a similar or worse nature occuring in that beautiful land or anywhere else on that continent.

    • Jacqueline

      I agree with you, this is awful. Even more disturbing is that you can tell that this has been going on 4 a while, due 2 the way the child is responding. WoW!!! It seemed as if the Nanny had some utter hatred for this little girl. I don’t how or why she would hate a child. This little girl is really cute & she didn’t even do anything, of course even if she did it wouldn’t matter. I just don’t understand why the Nanny wanted to hurt her, she is like 2 years old. Children are innocent. If you’re taking care of someone eles child you need to be good to that child, just like you would your own children& be extra cautious. Children can be annoying , okay so what, they are children. This is this Nanny’s solution to a child annoying her lazy ass! When children are annoying it is when parents or the babysitter is ignoring them or they sit them in front of a television & expect them 2b quiet & watch the T.V. It’s not going to happen. Their brain isn’t able yet. They like the bright colors & music of cartoons but not 4 any extended period of time. If you have a planned schedule 4children & do stuff with them like take them to the playground, do arts & crafts, play games with them, do educations lessons they are never annoying. It is when u expect the child to do nothing or to entertain themselves. Also, what is up with the little girl not having on any underwear or a pamper? If it was just 2 get rid of a diaper rash or just 2 get a break from irritating the skin of constant pampers that’s ok but it could suggest other abuse. This lady was forcing the baby 2 eat when she didn’t want to. I would throw up too if someone was forcing food down my throat & slapping me in my face really hard multiple times while I was trying to digest food that I didn’t want. What a BITCH!!! Then the phyco Nanny flips out bcuz she is going 2have2 clean up the throw up, which she is why the baby threw up in the first place! I wanna know what the parents did when they saw this video, other then cry there heart out. Someone said the father beat the s*** out of this lady b4 he called the cops. I hope so! Does anyone know if that is true or what happen?

      • king soo

        you condemned the guy (i think he’s Michael) who was blaming some women for the causes of some of these things. i think you are wrong because that guy is very right. he did not say all women- he said some especially when you yourself have said the mother of this toddler is not working. i know some women who are really lazy when it comes to some of these issues.

        • Jacqueline

          I didn’t say any of that. I think you have me mixed up with someone else. My comment is only about how horrible this nanny is. I said some parents get annoyed by children along with myself. i said children become annoying when we as parents don’t always have a schedule in place or planned activities. Meaning we leave them to entertain themselves then they drive us crazy. I am just as guilty of that as anyone else. So i don’t know what your talking about.

  • Kwame Amofa

    I hope this will not affect the child in near future

  • Ashlika Amira

    I hope she really is in a wheelchair, using a feeding tube. I also hope she has, or will get a life term in prison. This way she lives and suffers. Death would be too good for her right now. She deserves a slow and painful one. I do appeal to someone connected to the toddler’s family to please confirm that she is ok. I pray to the Almighty Creator that she is – both physically and psychologically. I never ever imagined a child being subjected to such evil from an adult. That nanny has to be Satan’s daughter. Even if her employers were abusing her, or not paying her, the innocent child is exactly that, innocent!

  • Evans Tasiame

    This is inhuman. I will not wait for any litigation. I will demand instant justice then and then. And u know, I cannot live on this earth with this heartless Nanny.

  • popolicious

    poor baby is died in hospital

  • Henry

    I feel for the parents of this little girl. I cannot explain what i would have done to the bitch if i was the father of the little girl. THIS BITCH MUST BE JAILED IMMEDIATELY.

  • Evelyn

    What a pity. this is not far from Ghana. It’s happening in several homes. Parents, lets make time for our children especially at this tender ages. I think it is not worth it struggle with jobs for the sake of these little ones whiles they go through this ordeal.
    on the other hand, lets do proper background checks on those who take care of our children and also treat them fairly

  • dora sarpomaa

    some people are really wicked than the devil himself. aaaaaaah that bitch needs no jail but rather stone or burnt alive. what kind of wickedness is this. i cried for almost 4 days after watching it. aaaaaah what a pain this child has been through. I pray that all her wicked partness should be arrested. bitch fool.

  • Patricia Lorette Phillips

    The father apparently did beat the nanny on discovering his daughter was bruised and limping when he arrived home. The nanny in turn contacted the police, accusing the father of assault until the father showed the police the video. She was charged with attempted murder and was sentenced to 4 years in prison. The toddler is physically fine but the long term psychological effects are unknown. You can search for more based on the names in the article posted here.