Shata Wale features in new movie, “Never Say Never”

A new film titled ‘Never Say Never’, written and directed by Selorm Martinson Jnr. and featuring Charles Bucknor, Paulina Oduro, Edward Kuffour, Shatta Wale and others, premieres tomorrow September 27 at the National Theatre.

Produced by Gold Coast Pictures, the movie tells the story of a graduate from a wealthy family destined to inherit her father’s business empire.

On her way to do National Service, she is hit by news of her father packing out her ill mother from their home.

She chooses to go back to seek her mother’s interest  but ends up in some unpalatable situations in her bid to save her mother.

Acting is generally good in the movie and Paulina Oduro, known more for her singing, said she was happy for the chance to be in another film.

Keen movie fans here are likely to have already seen the woman who grew up in England and relocated to Ghana about five years ago,  in films like ‘Faithful Liar’, ‘Red Label’, ‘Millions’, ‘Mission for Justice’, ‘1 Sin’, ‘Blackmail’, ‘No Apologies’, ‘Ties That Bind’ and ‘Adams Apple 8’.

“I schooled completely in England and singing, dancing and acting formed part of regular school activities. As a young girl I was in Caribbean plays in school and I remember playing a lot of bad girl roles,” Paulina says.

These days, she gets the chance to play roles as a mother. “I may be a mother and a wife a lot of the time but I still have a personality that differs each time,” the singer/actress points out.

She wants the public to come out and see ‘Never Say Never’ because the film offers interesting insights into human character.

For Shatta Wale fans also, it is something they must not miss because it is the dancehall man’s first- ever appearance in a film.


Source: Graphic Online