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  • sadama

    Thanks Citi Business for making my morning.
    I listened to the voice of one Mr Assumening (name may be wrong, pardon me) on your network, who pointed out that, we in Ghana consume views expressed text books as if they were the ONLY version of reality.

    In fact, let us remember that, the neocolonialsim that Nkrumah spoke about is still here with us, stronger and even devastating than ever before.

    No doubt, the IMF, World Bank, UN, WTO and their sponsored scholars write from a particular perspective on an aspect of reality with the aim of influencing actions and enacting new identities and roles at various scales; global, bilateral national and local.

    For Ghana to make a headway, she must identify how ideological and policy bias, partial views and debates are presented as though they were given, absolute truth and conclusive.
    Thus, policy makers and analyst need to go beyond statistical analysis into issues a ideological imposition for particular political interest of nominated actors in the global North.