Vicky Hammah condemns treatment of Accra mall ‘thieves’

Victoria Hammah
Victoria Hammah

Victoria Hammah

Victoria Hammah

The former Deputy Communications Minister, Victoria Hammah has condemned the public humiliation of the three girls who allegedly stole under garments from the Mr. Price shop at the Accra Mall.

Ms Hammah who has stayed off the public eye since her dismissal by President John Mahama last year, broke her silence by condemning the ‘inhumane’ act on her Facebook page.

Three girls were on Monday forced to crawl from the Mr. Price Shop where they are said to have stolen under garments to the main entrance of the Accra mall while onlookers took videos and photographs.

The Police has however ordered an investigation into the matter.

Below is Ms Hammah’s post

This week has awakened Ghana to another horrid story of gender – based violence. A young woman was stripped naked in the Northern Region of Ghana and three women were subjected to crawl on their knees at the Accra Mall allegedly for stealing.”

These two incidences which witnessed young Ghanaian women subjected to assault and public humiliation is an unfortunate reflection of the endemic reality of violence against women in our society.

57 years after Ghana has obtained a self – determination government, a struggle that was fought by both women and men, youth and adult, rich and poor, the Ghanaian woman is yet to experience her independence as a free citizen whose fundamental human rights enshrined in the constitution must be respected!
These two isolated incidences is a shame and must be condemned by all right thinking Ghanaians!
The abuse of one woman is an abuse to all women!


By: Efua Idan Osam/