Accra mall theft saga: Girls demand an apology


mr-price-in-kumasi-kwadjo-boutique-is-better-accra-ghana+1152_13484962588-tpfil02aw-23025The three girls at the centre of the Mr. Price shoplifting saga at the Accra Mall say they do not want to pursue the case legally but want an apology from the management of Mr. Price.

Speaking to Citi News via telephone, one of the girls who spoke on anonymity, said “we don’t want to talk about it, we don’t want to say anything; all we want to do is just to clarify our names.’’

“All we need is an apology from Mr. Price,’’ she added.

The three ladies, believed to be students were allegedly caught stealing underwear from Mr Price.

The security personnel ordered the ladies to crawl from the Mr. Price shop to the entrance of the mall, as onlookers taunted and took pictures and videos.

Meanwhile, the Human Rights Advocacy Center is calling for an investigation and subsequent prosecution of the security personnel who ordered three girls to crawl out of the premises.

But the Ghana Police administration has condemned the act, describing it as an abuse of rights and humiliation to the students.

The Police administration has tasked the CID  and the DOVVSU to conduct investigation into the incident.


By: Evans Effah/


  • ike@Ghana

    Have they denied stealing from the shop?

  • Kwabena

    Are these girl serious to demand an apology for stealing? Why are we not condemning what they did, rather we are offering them our sympathy for shoplifting and being humiliated. i think what the shop owners did was wrong, but the greater blame should be placed at the doorstep of these girls who thought it was ok to steal someone’s hard earned business, rather than promote the business.

    In certain jurisdiction, they would have been stripped naked and paraded in town. I don’t think we should condone stealing in our society. Let’s punish them severely to deter others from this shameful practice. I am utterly appalled at what these girls did. No need to glorify the thief. they got what they deserved. Next time they will not try it again. Apology indeed.


    Are we trying to defend stealing? If they never stole anything,they would’nt have done what they were told to do.

  • Nana Yaw

    Would anyone have pity or talk about due process if those girls had Ak-47s and even go to the extent of killing. Is it because they are women? There have incidence of young men been involved in petty theft and what was meted on them is way worse than what these ladies had. Please let’s call a spade a spade. Mr Price employees where wrong, the ladies committed an offence. Both should be duly punished. To some extent I am forced not to blame Mr Price employees for their action, because if these ladies made their way out without being noticed, some innocent people would have been wrongly accused and out of jobs.

  • Emmanuel Domson Agbeko

    Apology not needed,REPENTANCE is what they need!

  • Egbeta Eric Mawuena

    They should go burn the sea for all we care the pictures and videos show more than enough evidence that they did not mistakenly drop the panties there.
    They now have voices to talk and even demand an apology after some so called Human Rights Activists started spitting nonsense. They should rather explain how those panties got into the bags.

  • Nana Ampaw

    What nonsense! Apologize for what? So jux because they are ladies you are defending them. Would the same be done if they were guys? The police should do their rightful jobs by rather arresting n jailing those girls and leave d security personnel alone.

  • Egbeta Eric Mawuena

    The police are the most annoying of all these people, investigating into the case and where are they going to start from. They should go and ask the CCTV cameras